Trimble launches dispatch advisor to optimize load matching for carriers

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Trimble last week launched its new Dispatch Advisor, an optimized dispatch solution for the transportation industry that prescriptively suggests matches between loads, drivers and equipment. Through Trimble Dispatch Advisor, carriers can identify and select the best loads to increase on-time delivery, reduce empty miles and improve driver utilization.

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Trimble Dispatch Advisor reviews all available matches using a variety of variables, including location, driver hours-of-service data, time windows and more, such as the effects of selecting a specific load on future orders. The system then recommends a primary match, along with reasons for the recommendation. Additional matches are also suggested, including an estimated impact to the company should they choose any of the other options rather than the first or primary match.

“With Trimble Dispatch Advisor, our goal is to provide the right match the first time around,” said Chris Orban, vice president of data science for Trimble Transportation. “The platform saves the load planner time by quickly analyzing a vast amount of data from multiple systems — considering all the possible matches and offering an optimal solution and alternatives — so the planner can be informed in selecting the right choice for their fleet.”

Load planners have the final review and assignment of the match, providing the opportunity for human intervention. This allows planners to streamline common loads and focus on exceptions, reducing time loss and increasing accuracy. Additionally, the system’s automation is balanced by human interaction, allowing dispatchers to assign loads based on human elements such as a driver’s need to return home by a specific date or time.

“Trimble Dispatch Advisor continues our work to revolutionize the way the world moves freight, bringing decades of experience working with leading carriers to make their operations more efficient,” Orban said. “By pairing automated decision support with human intervention from the dispatcher, Trimble Dispatch Advisor provides strong guidance and efficiency with effective load optimization, all backed by a focus on and relationship with drivers.”

The solution is available as an add-on module within Trimble Innovative, TMW.Suite and TruckMate transportation-management systems (TMS). It is integrated with the existing dispatch screen, eliminating the need to switch between tools or applications to access the solution.

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