Volvo Trucks offers new Geotab telematics package for fleets, drivers

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Volvo Trucks North America has expanded its partnership with Geotab by offering Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks, which provides insights to fleet managers and drivers through a cloud-based platform. A professional driver changes duty status on the Geotab Drive app. (Courtesy: Volvo Trucks North America)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Volvo Trucks North America has partnered with Geotab to offer an integrated, factory-fit telematics solution and best-in-class technology platform to provide comprehensive fleet management, diagnostics, compliance and driver support.

The new Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks is an expandable, cloud-based platform for fleet managers and drivers. Fully integrating the Geotab fleet-management solution via factory-fit telematics hardware, the latest solution from Volvo Trucks eliminates the need for additional hardware installation on Volvo trucks. Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks is compatible with all 2015 and newer Volvo Trucks models powered by Volvo engines.

Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks is fully expandable and can help customers to better optimize their fleet while also helping to enhance productivity, improve driver safety and increase compliance and sustainability measurement. When using Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks, fleet managers can access activity reports, driver-performance reports, delivery schedules and more, as well as monitor vehicle locations — all through a simple, user-friendly dashboard. In addition, accurate data measurement can help reduce operating costs and environmental impact by improving fuel efficiency. Customers also have 24/7 access to the Volvo Trucks Uptime Center should they need any assistance with the platform.

Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks includes Geotab Drive for Volvo Trucks, a cloud-based system that delivers accurate operator and vehicle logs in compliance with the federal Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates. Geotab Drive for Volvo Trucks, launched in 2019, enables drivers to easily record hours of service status and complete vehicle inspections from their smartphone or tablet and allows fleet managers to stay up to date with real-time access to information in the MyGeotab app, including detailed reports on driver logs, service hours and other alerts.

“As a leader in integrated-data technologies for the trucking industry, Volvo Trucks is excited to provide the Geotab platform and its fleet management capabilities to our customers as part of the same hardware that drives our Remote Diagnostics and Remote Programming services,” said Ashish Sadhu, director of connected vehicle uptime services for Volvo Trucks North America. “Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks helps fleet managers and drivers work together to achieve a level of communication, compliance and productivity that is unmatched.”

The Geotab platform provides additional functionality by leveraging data analytics and machine learning to help customers improve productivity and efficiency and offers hundreds of third-party data integrations and analytics options.

“As a global organization committed to optimizing fleet management, Geotab is pleased to work with Volvo Trucks to expand our combined offerings to help ensure fleet managers have access to the data they need to be more productive and efficient,” said Scott Sutarik, vice president of commercial vehicle solutions at Geotab. “Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks demonstrates how collaboration and integration is key to equipping businesses with the tools they need to help increase fleet optimization, improve driver safety and increase compliance and sustainability.”

Volvo Trucks originally partnered with Geotab in 2016 in an effort to advance its remote diagnostics telematics package. In contrast to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-based systems, Geotab’s cloud-based platform delivers the industry’s most reliable ELD data-capturing capabilities.

“Volvo Trucks continues to look for advanced technology solutions to provide competitive advantages to our customers,” Sadhu said. “Geotab, as a global leader in commercial telematics recognized for delivering business-critical, data-driven intelligence, demonstrates the same commitment we do to innovation and systems integration to deliver measurable, positive impacts on fleet and driver performance.”

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