Wheel-Check helps streamline drivers’ pre-trip inspections, improve safety

Wheel Check
When a wheel nut becomes loose, the Wheel-Check “pointer” slips out of position, alerting the driver to possible danger with a quick visual check. (Courtesy: Wheel-Check)

IRVINE, Calif. — Wheel separations from commercial vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, happen frequently on the highway. Unfortunately, it is difficult to spot a loosened wheel nut during a standard pre-trip check.

Wheel-Check offers a simple solution that can help drivers quickly spot a loosened wheel nut or brake and bearing issue with a visual inspection.

Once the wheel nuts have been properly torqued to specs, Wheel-Checks — colorful, highly visible “pointer” tags — are placed on the wheel nuts in a uniform pattern. When a wheel nut loosens, the “pointer” will become out of sequence, quickly catching the driver’s attention during a standard visual inspection. The driver can then contact his or her maintenance department and have the wheel serviced. Additionally, a brake and bearing issue can also be identified by the blistering of the Wheel-Check.

Installing Wheel-Checks offers these benefits:

  • Proper wheel torque: Wheel-Check provides a simple, visual means of confirming proper wheel torque in seconds.
  • Avoid downtime and fines: Loose or missing wheel nuts can result in down time with both fines and impound. Wheel-Checks help facilitate official roadside inspections.
  • Reduce accidents: Wheel-Checks cost only a few dollars per wheel and can significantly help protect the public, as well as prevent property and load damage.

For more information about Wheel-Check, click here.

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