Be sure to take time to enjoy each season, every relationship in your life

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Be sure to take time to enjoy each season, every relationship in your life

Can you believe it’s already November? Later this month we’ll celebrate the fall harvest and God’s blessings with Thanksgiving feasts — and before we know it, Christmas and New Year’s will be here!

For now, however, let’s just enjoy the beauty of the current season. I love the fall, with its colorful foliage in shades of red, gold and amber. In fact, I love the changes brought about with every season.

Each season has so much to offer us. If we take and enjoy what God has prepared for us to enjoy during the changes of the season, our lives won’t be dull — they’ll be full of the glory of God. So many people never seem to see this beautiful mystery, of everything God has planned for us to see and experience with the passing of each season. We seem to rush through life, often missing the beauty of it.

If we fail to notice the changes of the season each year, it makes me wonder: What else are we missing in the passing of the seasons of our life?

Do you really know each person you come into contact with on a daily basis? Do you really know each of your family members completely? Ask yourself a few simple questions: Do you know what each of your children like to eat? Or enjoy for entertainment? I met someone who couldn’t even tell me the color of their child’s eyes.

Are you shocked? We seem to rush through life without “taking time to smell the roses,” as the saying goes. Always keep in mind that life is something we can’t repeat.

It’s like playing football. We grab the ball and run, but often don’t really “see” the other players rushing in the same direction. This is OK in football, but not in real life. Take time to notice others along the way. You don’t need to rush through life; take it one day at a time and enjoy it for what it is.

We need to observe each other and know life is very short. Each passing day brings us closer to the end of our run — our goal post of heaven, to continue the football analogy.

The footprints we leave on earth are as the changing of the seasons.

We can’t rewind and start over. We can only move forward and enjoy each day for what it is. But we need to be observant of those around us and really get to know them as children of God.

If you read about the life and travels of Jesus in the Bible, you will see he was very well aware of those around him, those he came in contact with. The lepers, the Roman soldier, the woman at the well, the woman who touched his garment in a crowd, Zacchaeus, who climbed a tree to see Jesus and, of course, the little children.

So, if Jesus could slow down to meet and to know people for who they were, why don’t we follow his example? Slow down, and get to know the people you meet along life’s journey.

This year, I’m driving a school bus for special-needs students, and I will have all new kids on my bus. The past few years I’ve had the same kids, and I got to know each one personally. I knew when they had good days, as well as when they had bad days.

Along my new journey, I’m going to meet all new kids. I plan to take my time and find out about each one, so I will know them individually. Taking time to learn their ups and downs will strengthen my relationship with each child. These children won’t be just a number to me — each one is a real live person. Some I may have for only a short time, and others I may have for the whole school year. It really matters to me that I get to know them as well as they get to know me. That’s my goal.

Now, what about you? How well do you know the people along your path? Do you know your dispatcher? Do you know the mechanic who works on your truck? And I mean, REALLY know them, not just as a passing person but who they are.

When I drove a truck, I made it a point to know my dispatcher on a one-on-one basis. I knew his birthday, his favorite drinks (coffee, tea or soda) and even what he didn’t like. I knew him as a person, not just his title.

We are human beings, and we need to find the love of Christ in everyone.

As truckers, your neighbors are the people you meet traveling coast to coast, not just those who live next door to you. Treat every neighbor the way you want to be treated. If you’re having a good day, then bless someone with your smile and greet them as well. Or maybe you’re having a bad day. Just a  smile or a friendly word from one of those neighbors could just cheer you up.

Best of the roads, and all gears forward in Jesus.

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