No gym? No problem! Flexible workout can be done anywhere, no equipment needed

No gym? No problem! Flexible workout can be done anywhere, no equipment needed

Ever used the excuse of not being near the gym to justify not exercising? Not that professional drivers often have the luxury stopping at a gym — and those who do have trouble finding one that’s conveniently located, and accessibility for trucks is limited.

Let me suggest a circuit that can be done anywhere, and with no equipment at all. This workout will give you a pump in your heart and your muscles that will keep you feeling good even when you’re away from the gym. Once you can get back to a gym, you’ll be surprised how motivated you’ll be to lift iron again.

There is value in keeping exercise to the basics sometimes. So many times, we get caught up in the latest and greatest training and/or workout equipment. Instead, spend some time mastering the simplest fitness moves.

The following exercise circuit is dedicated to those moves. The push-up, air squat and sit-up are three exercises that, if done in succession, can give you an awesome total-body workout. Try out the following circuit to give your body what it needs when you’re away from your home gym:

  • 10 push-ups.
  • 10 mountain climbers.
  • 10 sit-ups.
  • 10 air squats.
  • 10 jumping jacks.

Rest one minute and repeat. Make sure you take the time to stretch afterwards.

It’s also a good idea to incorporate some core exercises to improve your posture after long stints of sitting. The following plank routine will help support your circuit, core and posture.

  • High plank.
  • Low plank.
  • Left side plank.
  • Right side plank.

Hold each position for one minute.

Do this circuit a minimum of three times a week, but challenge yourself to do more rounds if you’re up to it. Once you can complete three rounds with ease, increase your reps. This circuit alone will get you through any extended stay away from your gym of choice.

It’s easy for all of us to make excuses, so do the best you can and stay the course.

Bob Perry has spent nearly the past four decades on a mission to educate professional drivers and share life-changing products and services to help them live healthier lives while on the road. Recognized throughout the transportation industry, from bus drivers to over-the-road professional drivers, Bob Perry has played an important role in creating a paradigm shift helping regulatory agencies, private and public sector entities, and consumers understand the current health challenges of the professional driver. He has participated as a wellness advocate in several roundtable discussions, large audience groups and small forums as well as going "curbside" through a national truck stop tour. Bob’s articles have been featured in The Trucker and a number of other national transportation industry publications and is the host of a weekly wellness call produced by Rolling Strong. Bob has been a regular guest on RedEye Radio and Land-Line Radio, and is often an invited guest on Sirius radio shows. He has been featured in the New York Times, Men's Health Magazine, Drug Store News, American Road Magazine, WSJ, NPR, ABC National Radio, as well as hundreds of daily newspapers. He has appeared on television news shows across the nation, including a featured TV segment on ABC NightLine News.
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