All TA and Petro travel centers now open; staff working to prevent spread of COVID-19

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As the U.S. continues phased reopening in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, TA and Petro travel centers work to safely provide essential services for motorists. (Courtesy: TA-Petro)

WESTLAKE, Ohio — As states reach various stages of reopening and cases of COVID-19 continue to increase across the nation, TA and Petro travel centers are working to provide vital services for truckers and other motorists.

All TA Petro Stopping Centers and TA Express locations are now open, with each facility following local, state and federal directives, as well as guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In a July 6 statement, the company reassured the public, “At TA and Petro, we are focused on taking proactive and appropriate steps to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.”

All fuel lanes are open at every location, and there is no fuel rationing, the statement continued. In addition, all TA Truck Service centers are open and RoadSquad 24-hour roadside assistance is available. Showers and restrooms are available, and all truck parking is available, including reservable spots.

Fitness centers, driver lounges and game rooms remain closed. State mandates are being followed regarding dining areas in both full- and quick-service restaurants, as well as in casinos, where applicable.

Restaurant reopenings continue at TA and Petro locations around the U.S. A list of current restaurant hours is available through the TruckSmart app or through an interactive map on the company’s website. In addition, hot and cold prepackaged items are available in the travel stores, including deli sandwiches, burgers, burritos and more. Other options that vary based on site include homestyle cooked meals located in the fuel buildings and travel stores, quick-service restaurants and carry-out from full-service restaurants.

Food products such as hot dogs, pretzels, apples, doughnuts and pastries are individually wrapped, and in locations where self-serve is not permitted, coffee and other beverages are available at in-store restaurants. While drivers cannot use refillable mugs right now, they can still qualify for the “refill” price by telling the cashier that they participate in the refillable mug program.

All locations are following enhanced cleaning guidelines and safety measures both at the fuel pumps and inside, including more frequent cleaning and sanitization of showers, restrooms, door knobs, light switches countertops and more.

State and locale mandates are being followed regarding the wearing of face masks; if a mask is required, a sign will be posted on the door. In addition, customers are encouraged to practice social distancing (at least 6 feet apart).

Employees at TA and Petro travel centers restaurants and truck-service centers have been advices to follow best practices, including wearing face masks, frequent hand-washing, social distancing and staying home when ill. Service technicians must wear safety glasses and bump caps while working or when in the shop bays. As an additional precaution, employees have been instructed to avoid entering the truck cab unless the needed work or repair is actually in the cab; in this case, technicians must wear disposable gloves.

For more information about TA and Petro travel centers, click here.

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