CAT Scale celebrates opening of company’s 2,000th location

2000th CAT Scale Ribbon Cutting
The CAT Scale Co. on Nov. 18 celebrated the opening of its 2,000th truck scale at the Road Ranger in Marion, Illinois. Shown here at the ribbon-cutting ceremony are, from left: Kirkland Edwards; Heather DeBaillie; Delia Moon Meier, CAT Scale’s senior vice president; Wade Wright, the CAT Scale mascot; Marko Zaro, Road Ranger’s CEO; Carey Howard; Rick Wachal; and Mike Housenga. (Courtesy: CAT Scale Co.)

WALCOTT, Iowa — On Nov. 18, the CAT Scale Co. opened a new truck scale at the Road Ranger in Marion, Illinois, marking the company’s 2,000th truck scale.

“When we started CAT Scale, I don’t think anyone envisioned we’d have 2,000 scales in operation. It’s definitely a milestone to celebrate,” said Delia Moon Meier, CAT Scale’s senior vice president. “I remember my dad, Bill Moon, thinking that 100 or 150 would saturate the market. We are so appreciative of all of our truck stop partners, and we are honored to be able to celebrate with Road Ranger and their great staff.”

In 1977, CAT Scale founder, Bill Moon, installed the first CAT Scale in South Holland, Illinois. In 1988, there were 28 CAT Scales in existence. After that, the company expanded rapidly. Now there are 2,000 CAT brand truck scales in 47 states and seven Canadian provinces with more opening each month.

Professional drivers depend on CAT Scales, the company noted in a prepared statement. Drivers who weigh on a CAT Scale are covered by a no-excuses guarantee: If a driver receives an overweight fine after weighing as “legal” on a CAT brand scale, the CAT Scale Co. will either pay the fine or appear in court with the driver as an expert witness in to get the fine dismissed.

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