Commercial trucks restricted on Nevada’s Mt. Rose Highway beginning May 3

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Commercial truck drivers should anticipate restrictions as well as shoulder and single lane closures along 15 miles of the Mt. Rose Highway over the next two years, as the Nevada Department of Transportation makes improvements. (Credit: Nevada Department of Transportation)

CARSON CITY, Nev. – Commercial truck restrictions and roadway shoulder closures will be in effect as the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) launches a two-year project to repave and enhance two mountainous Tahoe-area highways.

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Beginning May 3 and continuing through this fall, commercial trucks weighing 26,000 pounds or more will be prohibited from traveling westbound over Mt. Rose Highway and further than the Mt. Rose ski area. Trucks will be allowed to travel eastbound from Incline Village to Reno, Nevada. The truck closure is a safety precaution to prevent trucks traveling down the mountain potentially encountering brake issues in the road work zone, according to NDOT.

Over the next two years, drivers should also anticipate shoulder and single lane closures on Mt. Rose Highway from the summit to Incline Village and on State Route 28 from Crystal Bay to near Sand Harbor State Park as NDOT repaves nearly 15 miles of the highways. The repaving will help repair damage to the mountainous highways caused by freeze-thaw conditions, which can deteriorate roadway surfaces.

The project will make the following improvements over the next two summer construction seasons:

State Route 28 from the Nevada to California border to Ponderosa Ranch Road in southern Incline Village

  • 4 inches of roadway asphalt will be removed and repaved.
  • Select roadway cross slopes will be reconstructed for enhanced roadway alignment and drainage.
  • Drainage and guardrail improvements will enhance roadside safety and water quality, ensuring additional stormwater treatment before reaching Lake Tahoe.
  • Enhanced sidewalks, sidewalk ramps and driveway accesses will provide additional roadway connectivity, accessibility and safety.
  • An aging timber retaining wall on State Route 28 approximately half a mile south of Memorial Point lookout will be reinforced with a soil nail wall. Anchor bars and concrete will create the soil nail wall to help reinforce against age-related settlement.
  • Drainage improvements will be made where Marlette Creek crosses beneath State Route 28, enhancing water quality and ensuring additional stormwater treatment before reaching Lake Tahoe.

State Route 431 on Mt. Rose Highway from State Route 28 roundabout in Incline Village to Tahoe Rim Trailhead at Mt. Rose Summit

  • 3 inches of roadway asphalt will be removed and replaced.
  • New concrete barrier rails will be added, and aging roadside concrete barrier rail will be upgraded on multiple segments of the corridor.
  • Select roadway shoulders will be reconstructed and flattened.

As many as 10,000 drivers travel this stretch of highway every day. The highways were last fully reconstructed nearly 14 years ago, according to NDOT. For more detailed project information, visit the NDOT website.

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