Headlights required at all times along a portion of Arizona’s Route 169 to increase visibility, safety

Arizona Daytime Headlights
Signs along Arizona State Route 169 alert drivers that headlights are required along the corridor at all times, even during daylight hours. (Courtesy: Arizona Department of Transportation)

PHOENIX — Drivers along a portion of Arizona’s State Route 169 are now required to turn their headlights on during daylight hours to help increase visibility and safety, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

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ADOT has installed six signs between State Route 69 in Dewy-Humboldt and Interstate 17 north of Cordes Junction alerting drivers of the headlight requirement. According to crash statistics, State Route 169 has seen eight head-on crashes over the last five years; five of those crashes involved fatalities.

“Having headlights on really increases visibility, even during the daytime,” said Bob LaJeunesse, regional traffic engineer for ADOT’s Northwest District. “We want to reduce the number of head-on collisions along this two-lane highway. Increasing visibility through headlight usage can help keep drivers safer.”

With the signs up along the corridor, law enforcement now has the ability to issue citations to drivers who do not have their headlights on.

The only other corridor in Arizona where daytime headlight signs are located is along State Route 89 between Chino Valley and Interstate 40. Those signs were put up about two years ago.

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