Texas SH 130 offers half price overnight truck tolls in June

Texas SH 130 offers half price overnight truck tolls in June
Texas State Highway 130 offers an alternative to Interstate 35 between Austin, Texas, and San Antonio. (Courtesy: SH 130 Concession Co.)

AUSTIN, Texas — SH 130 Concession Co. LLC is offering half off overnight commercial truck tolls in June for travel on the southern 41 miles of Texas State Highway 130, which the company operates and maintains.

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The State Highway 130 Freight Rebate Recovery Program applies to commercial trucks traveling between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. on the southern segments of the toll road between San Antonio and Mustang Ridge, just south of Austin.

To receive the discount, commercial truck drivers or companies must enroll in the program either through SH 130 directly or by contacting their Bestpass or PrePass account managers.

Traveling the full 41-mile length of Texas State Highway 130 south will result in a rebate between $11.22 and $18.70, depending on the size and shape of the truck. Commercial trucks are defined as Class C and larger. Vehicle class and toll rate information is available at on the SH 130 website.

“Overnight trucking is a hard job in the best of times, and we know that it’s been an especially tough few months for everyone in the freight industry,” said Tyler Duvall, CEO of SH 130 Concession Company. “We hope that this program helps drivers and freight companies recover faster and demonstrates our appreciation for this critical industry. We also hope that the industry gets to experience the significant reliability benefits that SH 130 offers relative to other route options.”

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Texas SH 130 offers half price overnight truck tolls in June