Trucker uninjured after Indiana rollover

Trucker uninjured after Indiana rollover
The driver of this 18-wheeler was uninjured after a rollover wreck on Sept. 24. (Courtesy: Indiana State Police)

JASPER COUNTY, Ind. — Indiana State Police (ISP) responded to an early-morning 18-wheeler rollover crash on Sept. 24 on Interstate 65 southbound at the 2010 mile marker.

The driver of the truck, Aaron Patterson, 44, of Indianapolis, was not injured.

According to an ISP report, the “preliminary investigation revealed that a 2020 International tractor-trailer ran off the roadway for unknown reasons and rolled over onto its side, causing the right lane to be blocked.”

No other vehicles were involved in the crash. The truck’s trailer contained 20,000 pounds of general freight for delivery in Indianapolis.

All southbound lanes were closed for scene cleanup with traffic being diverted at exit 215 (State Road 114).

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Trucker uninjured after Indiana rollover


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