Trucking Alliance says ELDs should be in all large trucks, regardless of commodity or length of haul

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The Trucking Alliance today issued a policy statement calling for the federal government to require ELDs in all CMVs regardless of commodity type or length of haul, and for state legislatures to require ELDs for all CMVs that operate exclusively within their borders.

The Alliance, which has advocated ELD use since 2010, wants them used by intrastate drivers and by those operating in interstate commerce within a 100 air mile radius of their work reporting location, which is not now required.

“Truck drivers no longer have paper logbooks to falsify,” said Alliance Managing Director Lane Kidd, “and state legislatures should consider doing what Congress has done and require all large trucks to install these devices to make sure drivers are obeying the law. ELDs should be as common in large trucks as seat belts are.”

The Alliance said its reasons are that: ELDs will improve Hours of Service; they report safety-related data; the ELD mandate is working; they will improve the supply chain; and ELDs are the law, not necessarily in that order.

ELDs are reducing driver fatigue, a large contributor to truck-related crashes, said the Alliance, citing Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates that 1,844 large truck crashes will be avoided and 26 lives saved each year by use of ELDs.

Data generated by ELDs will provide a more accurate picture of true trucking operations, including the accurate number of hours spent driving, the organization stated, not to mention how many hours of detention time is actually being spent at shippers’ and receivers’ locations.

The group said the ELD-generated data can be used to “develop sound policies” on detention time; truck parking shortages; HOS rules; highway infrastructure; and time lost from traffic congestion, among other things.

According to its website, The Alliance is a coalition of freight and logistics companies “that support the adoption of technology and regulations to improve safety in trucking, such as mandatory truck speed limiters, mandatory electronic logging devices, improved driver training and screening, and advanced safety assistance systems.”



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The Trucker News Staff produces engaging content for not only, but also The Trucker Newspaper, which has been serving the trucking industry for more than 30 years. With a focus on drivers, the Trucker News Staff aims to provide relevant, objective content pertaining to the trucking segment of the transportation industry. The Trucker News Staff is based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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The Trucker News Staff produces engaging content for not only, but also The Trucker Newspaper, which has been serving the trucking industry for more than 30 years. With a focus on drivers, the Trucker News Staff aims to provide relevant, objective content pertaining to the trucking segment of the transportation industry. The Trucker News Staff is based in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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So the eld does not need to be all cmv construction for 1 its very local, 2 is it for the eld manufacture, 3 i think the driver will tell you how long he sat at loading or un loading site, 4 so if it takes a certain amount of time to run from a to b depending on what my interfere whats the problem, greed $$$$, sleeping hmmm , thats what iam thinking if you would pay a driver a good wage you will get better results 10-4 have a good day. Peace

What’s in all this for the trucking alliance guess they all get a kick back also fro.s the eld company also I’ve seen more accidents since the mandate so how is this working a eld cant tell a driver when he/she ie tired its puts a driver up against the clock which causes them to drive tried n sleepy only the body can tell the driver when it tired not a eld good day

All it is the larger company’s want to control wht the little guy does if it wasn t for us smaller companies. Why don t we have anything to say wht goes on. The pple tht make these law SHOULD go out on the road with sumone and just see wht we have to put up with tryin to find a place to park to to find a place to eat. And if the they wud realize tht we bring their food clothes gas office supplies to their part of the cities. You know i would like to tie these idiot to the hood of my truck and see the idiots that cut us off and squeeze in between us in traffic. Set at the dock and get loaded then got to drive half the nite but when 5 o clock comes around they get to go home and were stuck driving. Who can shift there sleep time to the times we get loaded and sleep in the middle of the day when you run half the nite. PEOPLE got to start openin their eyes we are not ROBOTS we are pple out here tryin to make a living and makin other pple happy to get their supplies.

I am 63 been trucking scince 1975 no accidents no vailations I don’t know how I ever did it without an eld .

It doesn’t surprise me at all to hear this coming from Lane Kidd. The Trucking Alliance is in the same bed with the ATA, and all they care about is the bottom line of mega-carriers everywhere. They do NOT, and I repeat, they do NOT give a damn about the safety of the motoring public, truck drivers, or anyone else out there. All they care about, and all they have ever cared about, and again, I speak of the ATA, The Trucking Alliance, and especially one Mr. Lane Kidd, is making the mega-carriers they represent rich, and making themselves look good, at any cost to everyone else.

As I’ve said a thousand times if drivers don’t grow a set there is no end in sight to what unrelentless rules an mandates they will come up with,tiz the beginning of the end to trucking as you no it.

ELD has its good points and bad we need to talk about loading and unloading times if I sit for 2-10 hrs waiting to get loaded/I loaded what do you think I’m doing I’m not home I am with my truc sleeping or watching tv relaxing the industry has changed in the 30 years I have been driving’s are people Not Robots or machines you tell me we used to be able to adjust our sleep schedule depending on our load now it’s all the same I think the lawmakers should have to spend 2weeks in a truck before they make statements like we areal bad I provide a service to my country everything you get cane to you by truck we shoul have our own roadsjust for trucks and the laws should be unforced equality not just on a cmv button cars and drivers should be made aware that we are bigger and don’t maneuver the same their are many times I swing wide to makes turn and a car will get beeteween means the curb no thought for their safety but I have to be aware that theythink we can see them we can’t it should be against the law to drive in my blind spot or on my back bumper why should I as a professional driver be held to a higher standard then any other profession in the world pilots don’t log hrs like we do police officers are not held to the same standards that drivers are haze anyonethought about how their lights blind is or the headlights from oncoming traffic make it so we can not see this safety thing is berry important but it needs to be fair across the board you people need to live in my world for 10 days or2 weeks to get a real picture we are tired of being treated like third class citizens we feed and clothe you you can’t even wipe your but without us trucks yes I have had my share of speeding tickets but when a car passes me doing 90 I I get stopped doing 72 that’s justice not in my book the law singles uss out I drive I 80 every week east and then west enforce the laws evenly cars and trucks cars cause 80 to to percent of the truck accidents and we are blamed when they cut us off or force onto the shoulder lets come together and address the issues stop pointing fingered at us the truckers because if we all shutdown for 12 hrs the whole country would suffer

I’ve been driving professionally for 40 years years now with over 4 million miles and safety is the number one concern the majority of drivers are safe and professional however the constent harassment from dot and unsafe 4 wheelers speeding and texting at the same time is out of control why don’t you put elds in their car’s it’s time too shut down the truck’s and let dot move the commerce around this country

I don’t think the small carrier that is safe and has seasoned drivers should have to be put in the same category as rookie drivers. Yes I said ROOKIE because of the experience. New drivers are taught to drive but don’t have the experience handling 80000 lbs at road speed. If they would pull a loaded trailer when teaching it would be a different outcome.

I’m retired thank god easy pickings truck drivers I ran a month in Australia without a logbook in a b double best month ever sleep when I wanted ate when I wanted got my loads in o time

drivers should grow a set and stand up for their rights. how many 4 wheeler drivers get tired and have accidents, but nobody is controlling them. and don’t be late making a delivery or the customer is mad at you because you were ten minutes away and the eld violated you.

Everybody wants ELD s in all trucks. If that’s going to be the case. Put them in EVERY VEHICLE or mode of transportation that requires an engine.
What is good for one is good for all AMEN.
Have a nice day

Yeah you can all believe the lies it’s causing more fatigue the less fatigue and most drivers the statistics are up but you go ahead and keep believing the lies you’re reading on this b******* thing your family and my family that’s going to get hurt by these drivers doing this s***they had more of her Freedom before not everybody was driving a thousand miles in a freaking day so no I don’t agree they should be in anybody’s truck maybe a new driver that doesn’t know what he’s doing for training purposes but other than that no they really need to go back to paper oh and by the way accident ratings crossed America has gone up since eld’s have been put in trucks look up the statistics or believe the b******* you’re reading here

The ELD mandate lost all credibility the day exemptions where give for the type of cargo hauled ! Specifically the Motion Picture exemption as justifycation they said the drivers where required to submit logs daily instead of the 13 days for all other carriers ! I don’t know of any small carrier or 1 truck owner who would object to filing their drivers logs on a daily basis to get out of the costs of ELDs ! Then as everyone who has ever hauled live animals ! When going long distances you can’t stop for 10 hours or the animals would probably die if not unloaded ! And then if you unload them the weight loss would lower the price of the cows / pigs / sheep So the exemption for live animal transportation proves that the Hours of Service have for years been unreasonable ! But the Ferro group would not listen too anyone ! But the Trucking Alliance as you the Editor should remember from my comments 4 years ago are not concerned with Safety ! Their only motivation is to corner the major parts of the freight markets by being able to provide drop & hook trailers ! Thus driving the 1 truck owners and small carriers out of those markets plus bankrupting a bunch along the way so they have to either drive or lease to them ! It’s all driven by money !