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  1. That stupid hood truck should have deleted that video because it showed him driving like a moron and tailgating the Ford Ranger, let alone blocking the Volvo in the ending lane.

  2. Well first off, by law in every state, unless otherwise marked, traffic in the ending Lane or coming on at an entrance ramp yields to traffic already in the traveling Lanes. It was not the KW’s responsibility to slam on the brakes and let him in. If you believe different, you have no business driving. And as for the second incedent, that Volvo had no business trying to pass there to begin with. It’s idiots like that that give the rest of us a bad name, not too mention adding more headaches to an already stressful job. If that were my driver, he would be job hunting so fast his head would spin. As for the KW, he too would be job hunting because even after he saw the other driver was being aggressive and could cause trouble, he continued to tailgate that pickup, what would have happened if that Volvo driver had of merged in front of that pickup and slammed on his brakes? Tailgating period was stupidity on his part.

  3. The red truck did not have to let the black truck over which made the black truck retaliate. The little green truck slowed the red truck down to allow the black truck to retaliate. I think the white, black and green truck was traveling together.

  4. I think what the black truck did causes un needed stress and rage. I see this constantly on the road where people are constantly fighting to be one spot ahead. The KW shouldn’t have been aggressive by tailgating. If I were the KW driver I would have called the company the black truck drives for and reported him. He was in the ending lane and should have yealded to the KW, and driving in the left turn lane is 100% illegal. I think there is just too many aggressive drivers on the road as it is, the truck drivers need to chill out…

  5. BOTH TRUCKS SHOULD HAVE BEE MORE PROFFESSONAL. HOW MUCH TIME DID EITHER ONE save?.Almost caused a an accident for gaining 300 ft.I don’t get it.

  6. Was the red KW bobtailing or pulling a trailer? That would make quite a difference, surely he was bobtailing; We have all been in hurry on unfamiliar roads & suddenly discover that a lane ends, & find ourselves in this situation; The black Volvo was obviously annoyed, but should not have crossed the yellow lines

  7. I think they are both at fault. The black truck should not have come up on the left in the turn lane like that. But the red truck could have backed out at the start and just let him in what would it have hurt? They were both very unprofessional and could have caused an accident. Would it have been worth it?? I know the way people drive is frustrating but we are supposed to be the professionals. I’m not perfect but I have 34 years truck driving under my belt. Let’s share some courtesy drivers!!

  8. There was an SUV in front of the KW before the 4 lane got reduced to 2. After the SUV turned left, the Kenworth could’ve saved that space for the Volvo to merge in.

    What happened to common sense or courtesy? This isn’t a race. This isn’t about who’s better than the other. Driving is a privilege. Yours should be taken away!

    Shame on both of you drivers. Shame!


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