Hyundai Translead introduces new smart trailer

Hyundai Translead introduces new smart trailer
The new Hyundai Translead LinkSense trailer is set to include a host of new sensors, giving drivers and fleet managers access to critical information about their equipment. (Courtesy: Hyundai Translead)

SAN DIEGO — North America’s leading manufacturer of dry and refrigerated big rig trailers is manufacturing a new smart trailer that’s designed to give drivers and companies more information about their equipment.

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According to a news release from Hyundai Translead, the HT LinkSense trailer is an open-platform design that provides “universal connectivity between sensor packages and existing telematic systems.”

“HT LinkSense gives fleets the flexibility to choose sensors and telematics providers that meet their needs, while simultaneously eliminating compatibility issues,” the news release said.

Sean Kenney, chief sales officer at Hyundai Translead, said that the “HT LinkSense is a scalable, open platform that expands what’s possible for fleet connectivity. An open system provides a fully integrated solution to track and monitor real-time trailer performance data, empowering customers with greater fleet productivity and operational efficiency.”

The new trailer’s features include:

  • Cargo volume sensors that uses ultrasonic technology to provide estimated cargo volume, dividing the trailer into five different zones to report overall volume and help improve utilization;
  • Weight scale sensors that can report weight on both air and spring suspensions;
  • Sensors that detect the opening and closing of doors, offering real-time and time-logged monitoring;
  • Continuous wear sensors that monitor the amount of remaining brake pad in real-time;
  • A smart brake chamber that monitors the air pressure in the parking and service brake line on each brake chamber, analyzing patterns for problems like dragging;
  • Light out detection sensors;
  • Wheel end temperature sensors that detect temperatures higher than the set limit, sending a warning to the driver and fleet service manager;
  • And a tire pressure monitoring system that measures the tire pressure and temperature on each wheel.

Continuous Operation will be supported by an optional solar and battery power system, the news release said.

“Hyundai Translead designed this solution to allow flexibility for those seeking to add additional sensor data to their overall fleet data strategy,” according to the news release. “The HT LinkSense solution also benefits from OEM factory installation, leveraging Hyundai Translead’s state-of-the-art manufacturing to ensure quality control as well as superior warranty coverage and customer care.”

Initially, the HT LinkSense solution will be available for Hyundai Translead dry van trailers, and will expand into refrigerated, flatbed, chassis and aftermarket products in the future.

“HT LinkSense marks the next evolution in fleet data strategy. It is truly the future of connectivity,” said Bongjae Lee, Hyundai Translead’s CEO. “We’re thrilled to make this system available to our customers and proud to offer it with the full support of all our partners.”

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