J.B. Hunt, project44 collaborate to deliver LTL, TL visibility within J.B. Hunt 360


LOWELL, Ark. — J.B. Hunt Transport Services said Tuesday it will launch a technology collaboration with project44 (p44).

The company will integrate the p44 advanced visibility platform into J.B. Hunt 360 to provide customers with real-time, seamless access to shipment information regardless of carrier, eliminating the need for multiple carrier data integrations, according to Shelley Simpson, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of J.B. Hunt..

“The challenges our customers are facing today require greater visibility into their transportation network,” Simpson said. “By integrating project44 technology within J.B. Hunt 360, customers can view and manage multi-carrier freight from a single platform, helping them streamline operations and meet their supply chain goals.”

J.B. Hunt 360 provides businesses and carriers with the opportunity to engage in a marketplace for freight matching, gain visibility into their operations within the supply chain, and access features that automate day-to-day efforts, Simpson said, adding that the addition of project44’s technology to J.B. Hunt 360 will further the platform’s ability to generate cost savings, increase efficiency, and improve service levels.

Simpson said project44 is among the world’s leading advanced visibility platforms for shippers and third-party logistics firms.

“To ensure fast and frictionless onboarding for J.B Hunt’s growing customer base, project44 has prebuilt connections to thousands of global multimodal carriers and ELD/telematics devices,” she said. “This one-to-many model delivers access to high-quality data in real time and provides users with deep insights.

The collaboration with project44 is an important move as J.B. Hunt looks to expand the capabilities and service offerings of its technology platform, Simpson said.

In August, the company launched a rewards program for third-party carriers and their drivers through Carrier 360 by J.B. Hunt, the digital component of J.B. Hunt 360 designed to help carriers save money, spend more time driving, and have an overall better experience. Both are part of the company’s ongoing effort to leverage experience and technology to create the most efficient transportation network in North America.

J.B. Hunt has a continued commitment to developing innovative solutions that address the supply chain’s evolving digital needs, Simpson said.

In 2017, the company announced a five-year, $500 million investment dedicated to creating disruptive technology and enhancing operating systems and infrastructure. The investment is advancing J.B. Hunt’s ability to see deeper within the supply chain, add new automation capabilities, and draw top talent in technology, engineering, data science, and logistics.

“J.B. Hunt continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible within the transportation market by investing in innovative technologies that deliver seamless, digital service on a large scale,” said Jett McCandless, CEO and founder of project44. “Their confidence in project44 demonstrates the importance of connecting, automating, and providing visibility into key transportation processes and further reinforces the tremendous opportunity that exists for organizations that digitally transform and modernize their operations.”

McCandless said project44 is among the world’s leading advanced visibility platforms for shippers and third-party logistics firms. project44 connects, automates and provides visibility into key transportation processes to accelerate insights and shorten the time it takes to turn those insights into actions.

“Leveraging the power of the project44 cloud-based platform, organizations are able to increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve shipping performance, and deliver an exceptional Amazon-like experience to their customers” he said, adding that project44 is connected to over 175,000 carriers worldwide and having comprehensive coverage for all ELD and telematics devices on the market, project44 supports all transportation modes and shipping types.

For more information, visit www.project44.com.


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