PACCAR Parts offers charging stations that are compatible with variety of electric vehicles

PACCAR Charging Stations
PACCAR Parts has designed electric-vehicle charging stations in a variety of sizes to match the needs of most users. (Courtesy: PACCAR Parts)

RENTON, Wash. — PACCAR Parts is introducing new electric vehicle charging stations to support the global launch of electric vehicles (EVs). The chargers are designed to be compatible with Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF electric trucks, and they work for other EV commercial vehicles as well.

Customers can purchase the chargers from Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF dealers, or from TRP store locations worldwide. PACCAR’s DC fast chargers are available with multiple ratings, up to 920V DC. These electric vehicle charging stations are compatible with a wide range of EVs including trucks, vans, buses and other commercial vehicles.

“We offer a tailored approach to charging solutions that include best-fit options with charging levels from 20 kilowatts (kW) up to 350 kilowatts charging power,” said Chris Scheel, PACCAR Parts senior director of marketing.

The 20 kW charger option is a UL-certified DC Wallbox and is ideal for commercial parking and fleet or dealership service facilities. The low-power DC charger is easy to install and is designed for vehicles with extended dwell times.

The 50 kW model supports the daily operations of an individual truck for medium- and heavy-duty fleets. The charger has superior usability and reliability as well as integrated connected services for remote monitoring, diagnostics, statistics and firmware updates.

Designed for convenient fast charging of all electric vehicles, the 120 and 180 kW chargers are for fleets operating multiple routes or even multiple shifts. The compact size makes it ideal for urban use, and the 180 kW unit has enough power to charge most trucks in less than four hours.

For EV fleet operators, the 350 kW charger is an ultra-fast power cabinet that can charge one vehicle at full rated power or share power between two vehicles simultaneously.

The full line of electric vehicle charging stations offers an optimal fit for Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF trucks. The stations are backed by a two-year warranty and include an RFID reader for user authentication and cellular connection with a two-year cellular service plan. A two-year service level agreement is included with the chargers.

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