PrePass now provides nearly 2,800 safety notifications across all 48 contiguous states

PrePass Safety Alerts
PrePass Safety Alliance has expanded its network of safety Alerts to include nearly 2,800 notifications across all 48 contiguous states. (Courtesy: PrePass Safety Alliance)

PHOENIX — Motor carriers and commercial drivers operating across all 48 contiguous states can now benefit from nearly 2,800 in-cab safety notifications through the PrePass Motion weigh-station bypass app. PrePass Safety Alliance recently extended its safety Alerts, a no-cost benefit for users of the PrePass Motion app. The app is available on Android and iOS powered devices, as well as in-cab telematics systems.

Drivers receive PrePass Alerts as they approach known high-risk areas on the road, helping them stay alert and reduce speed when applicable. PrePass Safety Alliance works in collaboration with the trucking industry and enforcement agencies to select Alert locations that best reflect areas of concern. The PrePass Alerts feature warns truck drivers of steep grades, gusty winds, no-commercial roads, work zones, real-time incidents, traffic congestion, truck parking availability, rest areas and brake-check/chain-up areas.

“This expansion of the Alerts system flows directly from our mission to make America’s highways safer and more efficient,” said Mark Doughty, president and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance. “We have doubled the number of alerts in just the last month, giving drivers vital information to keep them safe and on time as they travel down the road.”

PrePass Safety Alliance is the only weigh-station preclearance provider that offers multiple bypass technology choices. PrePass Motion, which includes Alerts, works as a standalone app or in conjunction with the PrePass transponder for weigh-station bypassing.

“When traditional transponders and PrePass Motion are paired together, customers get the best of both worlds,” said Doughty. “Most importantly, PrePass Alerts provides information that can immediately and directly improve highway safety and efficiency.”

PrePass allows states to preclear qualified commercial motor carriers to bypass inspection facilities at highway speeds and provides driver safety Alerts, Electronic Tolls Payment and the Inform safety and tolling software. PrePass services are used by more than 600,000 commercial vehicles from more than 77,000 fleets.

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