Event aimed at cracking down on unsafe CMV drivers begins

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Event aimed at cracking down on unsafe CMV drivers begins
The fender of this Florida State Police patrol unit notes it is a law enforcement vehicle. Troopers in Florida and 12 other states are taking part in a four-day crackdown on unsafe commercial vehicle drivers. The event is being held in conjunction with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

FRANKFORT, Ky.  — Law enforcement officials in 13 states have begun a four-day commercial vehicle enforcement safety crackdown in conjunction with the Federal Motor Carrier Administration’s Operation SafeDRIVE (Distracted Reckless Impaired Visibility Enforcement).

The enforcement campaign, which runs through March 2, targets unsafe driving behavior that officials say often leads to crashes involving passenger cars and commercial vehicles, according to a news release from the Kentucky State Police (KSP).

“It complements national efforts to educate all drivers on safely sharing roads with large trucks,” the news release noted.

The regional SafeDRIVE initiative is focusing on dangerous interstate driving behaviors, such as aggressive driving, speeding, tailgating, failing to wear a seat belt, distracted driving and driving under the influence.

“During this effort, KSP Commercial Vehicle Inspectors will open scale facilities, ensuring commercial drivers follow safety regulations, including hours of service compliance, commercial driver license compliance, medical certification and commercial motor vehicle credentialing,” the news release stated.

KSP will be participating in the event with 12 other states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

Major Nathan Day, director for the KSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, said Operation SafeDRIVE can significantly impact highway safety.

“We want Kentucky roadways to be safe for all drivers, and Operation SafeDRIVE is another way for us to ensure motorists are following the rules of the road,” he said. “By working together, we can make sure everyone makes it to their destinations.”

KSP encourages all motorists to take the following advice while driving on the roads:

  • Stay out of blind spots — Large trucks and buses have big blind spots on all four sides.
  • Pass safely — Make sure you can see the truck driver in their side mirror. Use your turn signals, and don’t linger in the blind spot. Make sure you can see the CMV vehicle in your rearview mirror before pulling in front.
  • Don’t cut off large vehicles — It takes a large truck traveling at highway speeds the length of two football fields to stop.
  • Don’t tailgate — Tailgating a commercial vehicle puts you in a blind spot.
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The Trucker News Staff produces engaging content for not only, but also The Trucker Newspaper, which has been serving the trucking industry for more than 30 years. With a focus on drivers, the Trucker News Staff aims to provide relevant, objective content pertaining to the trucking segment of the transportation industry. The Trucker News Staff is based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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The Trucker News Staff produces engaging content for not only, but also The Trucker Newspaper, which has been serving the trucking industry for more than 30 years. With a focus on drivers, the Trucker News Staff aims to provide relevant, objective content pertaining to the trucking segment of the transportation industry. The Trucker News Staff is based in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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they should target passenger vehicles most car/big truck accidents are caused by their aggressive driving!!!


I agree 100 percent. I used to drive big truck and I can honestly say that, passenger cars are at fault a bit more then big trucks. Yes, there are bad truck drivers also

I use to be a truck driver an I’d be driving down the road 55 miles an hour an cars would pass me an then brake check me for no reason or cut me off ! If they just think about it every thing they own is transported in a truck so be kind to truckers they have a hard job ! They want too get home safely just like you .

around here pig haulers and grain haulers are the most dangerous vehicles on the road, always in a big hurry to make that extra $1 no matter the consequences of there reckless driving.

I drive semi and have been involved in 3 accidents in 15 years have never been at fault or cited for anything,just been “lucky” enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and after almost a million miles I really think that part of getting your license or renewing a driver’s license you should spend a certain time in a semi riding so you can see the stupid stuff that people do around semis all the time. be it eating drinking doing drugs my favorite to see happening it just drives me crazy that we truck drivers whom most take our license very serious and do are damnedest to drive safely and defensively to keep everyone safe and even when a car causes a accident or problems the truck closes to the issue will always get blamed or try to put blame on. my company doesn’t 0ay me as well as they do because I’m out here driving like an asshole they 0ay me and the guys I work with better than most cause we don’t cause accidents or get tickets and take care to make sure everything on truck and trailer are all safe and legal.

Probably won’t do any good, they would be bored out of their skulls within the first couple of hours!
Retired truck driver

I do,your dead if I don’t own the road… your one of the assholes who ALWAYS CUT OF TRUCKS AT IMTERSECTONS, RED LIGHTS AND STOP SIGNS.

You obviously don’t know shit about trucking if we owned the road we’d run you stupid mf’s over more often than none you dumb fuck we gotta drive for yall stupid ass damn we have more than enough on our plates….

After 42 years OTR I can say your statement tops the list of why I don’t engage in conversations with ” truck drivers”. With the limited language skills you displayed it’s just too time consuming and exhausting trying to communicate .

Bull, yall drive in the left hand lane for miles and miles and don’t pull over even when holding up a line of cars. Move over and get out of the way. That’s why people brake check you and get pissed off. You think you should be allowed to do anything. I have NO respect for tractor trailer drivers who do this.

anyone who brake checks a semi has mental problems period. you are the reason so many drivers ride in the left lane . as we try to get around someone, as soon as the blinker flashes y’all speed up instead of giving us a break . we are at work as most 4 wheelers are on leisure. you want RESPECT how about giving it !!

I think they should just let us make a living and focus on 4 wheelers everytime I get pulled over I waste at least a hour I could have been making money plus they treat us like shit makes our day more like shit

I live near Saint Augustine and in our area of I 95 in north Florida, the aggressive drivers are the 18 wheelers as well as many 4 wheelers. Many major accidents and deaths occur on I 95. We need more traffic enforcement of which there is little!

I’m a truck driver and I can say the new truck drivers have no clue how to drive a BIG rig they Kill more people because in a BIG hurry and can’t stop so wining see them in the ditch it puts a big smile on my face

Yes, many of us old timers pushed the limits, BUT the pay per ton mile forced us to push the limits just to feed our family (that we seldom saw).

The fact remains that when you cut off a rig moving at highway speeds, you are playing roulette with a loaded gun.

I’m very thankful that I was involved in only one accident and that was my first year driving (1964). Now retired and I call it an easy day when I can knock off after maybe five or six hours.

So please cut the name calling and give each other a break! When two vehicles collide (regardless of size) there are no winners.

Need more focus on passenger cars. My truck is in the shop with 37k repairs because a driver cut lane and slammed on the brakes to make their exit. That after my repair 3 months ago from a drunk driver that hit my side which ended up in 13k in repairs.

All I can say is make sure you have a high quality dash camera. Mine put both of those accidents back on the other person.

I have the issue constantly in Florida on I-95 and I-75 and the turnpike that I pass a 4 wheeler that they speed up and ride on the side of the truck. If I need to get over they ignore my turn signal. Many pass me and then get in front of me and slow way down. Only in Florida I get this messed up driving. I only run Georgia and Florida. I have to prepare for Florida every time I enter the state. Smh.

Happens to me daily, multiple times. unfortunately, is not just four wheelers doing this. more and more big trucks are just as guilty of the very thing you have described.

I think that they should enforce tailgating space cohesion specially passenger vehicle driver’s who drive under any substances of any kind with respect to prescriptions drugs

what about cracking down on unsafe state troopers and local law enforcement.
there more unsafe then any of the dump as* truck drivers .

It’s not always the big truck that cause the problem. Cops need to pay attention to the pickups and cars that disside they right smack dab on front. Pull out in front of big trucks. Race a truck on getting on the freeways. Maybe cops who think they have the almighty answer to thinks they need to pay attention to who causes the problem not the amount of money he can collect. One thing the cops have taught me from just observing there behavior is. I say nothing, I see nothing and I hear nothing. Even if it happens to me or I had the perfect view of everything.

Truckers need to stay out of the left lanes, driving in them and not passing is one of the major concerns. Also, if lanes are shut down, truckers should not be in the left lane, they should stay as far right as possible until they get all they way up to a merge area and not before. That slows everyone else down in the left lane while there are 50 cars (exaggerating) lengths between the truck and the car in front of them. Granted everyone needs to get somewhere but, when a truck is holding up the left lane due to construction or accident, that causes more problems for everyone else that can go faster before the accident or construction area. To many truckers think they own the roads and noone else is allowed to drive on them and they prevent others from doing so. That’s probably the reason why truckers see so many vehicles get in front of them and whatnot. If you want the same courtesy and respect from others, you have to provide the same in return. Also, when vehicles are in merging lanes, vehicles have every right to use that lane all they up til the ending point, don’t use your truck as a blocking tool and don’t tell me it doesn’t happen, I’ve seen it first hand numerous times.

I disagree with that construction area part. it is the fact that nobody pays attention to the signs and race up the lane with the closure to get ahead of the line. that is what causes those problems. And yes, it is both trucks and cars doing it. also selfishness or being fed up with that of others, nobody leaves space for merging.

don’t forget, they don’t pay attention to the signs that say trucks use left lane In a lot of construction zones.

very very true.
If you weren’t trying to get ahead of everyone approaching the construction site, there would be no reason for a trucker to block the side lane.
Think about that, if it’s not too much for you to handle (you truckers too).

You are exactly the problem. It’s all about you all the while you have 0 understanding of how a commercial vehicle operates. “Just get out of my way so I can go faster”. Is your answer? If you people could read the signs and have some courtesy and take turns trucks wouldn’t have to control traffic flow so it flows at a steady pace to get through construction or accident congestion.
But people like you are such hypocrites and quick to blame the trucks. Meanwhile the trucks are WORKING!! And if you had to pay for maintenance on a large truck you’d understand stopping and starting repeatedly because of inconsiderate people such as yourself cause damage and unnecessary wear on the clutch ($6,000+ repair) and that is why they try to maintain a slow steady speed through congested areas. But all you give AF about is yourself and how you can get around those trucks that feed you, clothe you, and bring every damn consumer hood you ever purchased in your home as well as the materials to build it. Your a self centered inconsiderate left wing POS!!

would you be so kind as to get behind the wheel of a big rig and show us. your idea is sound when you say it, I’m just saying that before you criticize something that you have never done it kind of makes you look bad. granted there are bad big rig drivers, I was one of them when I started driving. yet, I’ve had more close calls due to people driving consumer vehicles thinking that a semi can stop in 20 yards just because they can. fortunately, I have never had any motor vehicle accident and I believe that that is because I was trained to drive a commercial vehicle. I’m not trying to start an argument, it’s just you don’t see the other side when you sit in that small vehicle and you have no clue what it takes to maneuver a commercial vehicle across the US.

What about passenger cars riding in the left lane and just riding along side of a trucker and not passing them? Truckers and passenger vehicles need to take defensive driving and maybe then the roads will be a little more safer. I as a truck driver have slowed down many times for a passenger vehicle to get on the highway and either they come to a complete stop or they ride the shoulder. It’s a acceleration ramp. Not a lane to cruise in. So stop texting and use a hands free device also. Everyone needs to look at your mirror so your aware of what’s happening around you. Including truckers. Old young it doesn’t matter.

Get into a tangle of one of those big rigs and you will find out the hard way just who owns the road. All younger drivers are rude and aggressive. They all have broken fingers, none of them can find the turn signals. Hell. Young people don’t even know how to look left right left when crossing the road. How old are you LW? 25 or so.

I’ll tell ya what. Actually trucks pretty much do own the roads. We pay more taxes on the roads than actual residents of the states we are driving in. If passenger vehicles would allow us to get over in front of them when we do put our blinkers on it would be a different story. You say give to get, that goes both ways. I’ve been driving truck for 25 yrs. and I’ve yet to be in a construction zone in the right lane and try to get over in the lane that is moving and not have an asshat not let me get/move over. Eventually someone will but like I said, to give you have to get. Now as for merging on freeway from ramps, cars expect us to slow down and yield…merging traffic has to yield to freeway traffic and there is never a day that an asshat runs up the ramp onto the shoulder and cuts a big truck off just for the reason of not wanting to be behind a truck. Passing us like that on the shoulder isn’t smart. That is one of the worst blindspots for a truckdriver. That in my opinion; is nothing but a freaking insurance claim waiting to happen and 90% of the time that’s exactly what takes place. Safe travels to all and keep those shiny sides up!!!!

your absolutely right driver I agree with you 💯 % I quit driving big truck in 2004 so I know what you mean exactly, I still drive a truck now but only do it local here in my state but it’s even worst now with these freaking 4 wheelers! Have a great day driver and be safe out there

Most construction areas require trucks to use the left lane to allow for merging traffic/construction traffic.
Typically there is a sign stating so.
Also in every state in the union there is a sign that states “slower traffic keep right” that never gets enforced that should .
This one is the one that causes more accidents in my opinion than any of the others.
It causes traffic slowdowns, passing on the right, aggressive driving, accidents due to unsafe following distance and passing distances.

for starters what difference does it make if you’re in front of the truck or behind the truck in a construction zone you’re all going the same speed, and when you come up on this construction zone whatever lane is closed you get over in the other lane as soon as possible so you don’t bottleneck where are the Zone starts because of a truck stays in the right lane until it gets to work comes to one lane you damn four wheelers don’t want to let us in so that’s one of the reasons why we get over soon as we see design displaying which lane is closed, and if a truck stays in the lane that is closing down ahead might be so all you forwarders don’t go piling up where the it goes down to one lane and you get all bottleneck and you slow everybody down to a stop cuz nobody wants to let nobody in so when a truck blocks that lane and that’s the other lane goes more smoothly

you are a dumb ass for even thinking that, I’m sure you’d be the first one to let a truck merge in front of you.

if you have that big of a problem with truckers then stop buying anything because any thing you buy came to the store on a truck this is why the store are always saying we whating on the truck because someone like you had to be first in line to get somewhere most likely not a very important place.

you are most likely the person that just about stops when the police has a car pulled over just to see what is going on instead of changing lanes and keep going this holds everyone up so much this days and times

if you have that big of a problem with truckers then stop buying anything because any thing you buy came to the store on a truck this is why the store are always saying we whating on the truck because someone like you had to be first in line to get somewhere most likely not a very important place.

most trucks get in the left lane in construction zones is to keep all the ones from running to the front of the line to cut in that slows traffic down and the idiots that think construction zones are race ways there is even truckers that do it also

I completely agree with you, although if they really want to know have several get behind the wheel of a rig and run loads for a week. then and only then will they truly understand the real situation. rolling up on a scene after the fact can be so deceptive.

I like this . There are so many DANGEROUS drivers out there. They tailgate cars, not thinking bout what theyll do if that car blows a tire! I’ve been driving 40 years and I’m ashamed of the drivers today.

90% of CDL drivers today are only trained to pass a test. They’re not generational drivers. They themselves have no clue about the dangers of a semi. School does NOT teach common courtesy, following distances, connecting or disconnecting a trailer, proper backing OR to put the damn digital devices away and focus on the road and the surroundings. I learned how to share the road on family vacations when we drove places. I am from a family of drivers and I drive too.

But the enforcement agencies didn’t work much during the Covid hoax now the states are broke so they went to the highway heros who kept the country supplied as best as we could eating whatever we could find open now instead of hero’s we are thought of as piggy banks

Hoax? I had two neighbors that would agree with you but……gee whiz, they died on ventilators from covid. I’m 64. Semi retired. Run 8 days a month. Had all the shots and stayed away from people . Which isn’t hard to do considering ….
..And the motoring public finances State governments? Truck drivers specifically? You missed your calling, Driver. You should hang out your shingle. ” Consulting Firm”. I’m sure there is a economic think tank that could use your insight.

My comment to solve the whole issue is people quit buying food fuel clothes building products cars furniture ETC !! That way there would be no use for the trucks and problems are all solved ???

I see cars passing and the driver has a laptop in their lap typing. About 95% of the cars that pass have the driver looking at their phone. But sure let’s do a blitz on the CMV’s 🙄

It puts a big smile on your face to see someone crash, wow and I guess you have kids yourself , Karma is real Bruce remember this statement you put out here for the world to read!

It’s getting worse every year for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles to share the same road. The drivers of passenger vehicles are getting more and more fed up with what truck drivers are evolving into as years go by, therefore more disrespect for truckers everyday. It’s not really all the young drivers fault, most of these schools are cutting corners and not teaching all of the important stuff. I know there is no excuse for tailgating, trying to use your vehicle’s size to intimidate someone out of your way because you don’t want to be slowed down. SMH about that one. I started driving CMV’s 35 years ago and the biggest difference in trucker aditude that I’ve noticed is with young owner operators with fast trucks. Don’t get me wrong some passenger vehicle drivers are just as much to blame for the ever growing conflict on the road. Some are late for work or in a hurry to get home. All in all to put the 80’s and 90’s CMV drivers mindset into the truckers coming out of the schools would make a big improvement on the road and regain the respect that we use to get. (except NY city ofcourse)

then why doesn’t law enforcement respond faster when they get a call about distracted/drunk CDL drivers? I saw driver hitting all lines on I-75 going north in GA. 20 miles down the road he went off the road after colliding with another 18 wheeler. after further research, he was .17 @0930. I don’t want to be on the road with these worthless idiots that drive drunk pulling a load. State police and DOT need to step up the call process when such calls do come in. Just look at the Western express driver that was drunk and backed into another truck at truck stop and then wanted to cause a fight. CDL+DRIVE DRUNK= NEVER DRIVE AGAIN !!!

There is NO EXCUSE for impaired driving. Alcohol, drugs, or fatigue-it can all kill. And as CDL holders we are held to a higher standard. However, if the alcohol or drug is that important- give up your license. It is a privilege not a right. And if a driver is cited for impaired driving for substance abuse then YES they should never be allowed to drive a CMV again.

Back in 2004, I was traveling east/south on the l-285 in Georgia merged onto l-75 southbound now this idiot dude was driving a marked police car coming from the east of l-285 also merging onto l-75 southbound driving at high-speed l would say he was doing about 75 miles an hour and at the bottom, the V junction his car flipped around about two to three times then facing the big rig which I was driving. but the funniest part is that he never gets out of the vehicle to apologize for almost kill me. all he did was turned around and take off again like he stole something…….I do more stories of police cars cutting me off while I travel the highway

Is it so much to ask to have young people take a mandatory class explaining the dangers of all the things mentioned in the comments. I am a father of 5 daughters and have been driving full floater fertilizer spreaders my entire life. I worry about them on the road and have emphasized to them the difficulties of navigating big rigs and the dangers associated with recklessly sharing the road with them. I can promise you there are better ways to educate the drivers that need to hear it instead of ramping up their nazi checkpoints and make a truckers life even more difficult for 4 days a year. But some dickhead politicians were sitting around trying to think of some shit that would make them look good to the gen public and bust the balls of the guys out here getting it done day after day and rarely catching a break. I could go on and on but what I meant to say is this is some dumb ass waste of time and tax money shit.

after all the years I’ve been driving it’s always the trucks when actually you should be going after the four wheelers those are the ones trucks passing on the shoulders all because they’re lazy and don’t want to get out of bed a little early I hope it turns around and bites everybody in the ass if the trucks just stop

I see more four wheelers driving wrecklessly than most truck drivers. especially the ones who can’t do the speed limit and the idiots driving muscle cars that zoom in and out of traffic. Then you have the idiots that pull out in front of a truck, who can’t stop quick enough and the idiots that switch lanes in front of a truck and either start slowing down super quickly or slam on their brakes in front of a truck. I do agree with trucks shouldn’t be tailgating because that’s just stupid, but if you’re in the left lane and not going the speed limit, get out of that lane.

Better yet, those that can’t go above 60 or 65 in a 70mph zone and there are three lanes, the left lane a truck restricted lane, don’t travel in the middle lane. Stay in the right lane so those trucks that can go above 60 and 65 can go around you. Truck drivers run off a log device. They only have 11 hrs of drive time and 14 hrs of on duty time. We need all the time we have to get our loads to their destination. Don’t waste our time

Lets be for real on this. This just targets big trucks to give them and inspection to generate more money for the state, thats all thus is. Simple. States have been “legally” stealing from truck drivers for years under the disguise of “inspections”. Who they need to go after are the 4 wheeler’s that she responsible for most of the accidents.

what really burns my ass is when a four wheeler gets over in your lane and hits there brake’s ! I’d love just 1 time to step on the gas instead of brake’s and keep going with car up against the grill. just 1 time !!

When are they going to start cracking down on all of the passenger vehicles? There should be a mandatory course on sharing the road with semi’s when you initially get your license as well as when renewing. Commercial vehicle drivers are much more knowledgeable and safe than are the 4 wheelers. If they saw and knew what we have to deal with on a daily bases then I’m sure things would change drastically. Sure we’re held to a higher standard but that shouldn’t negate the fact that passenger vehicles are way more dangerous than we are. Especially in mountainous and hilly areas. The amount of scrutiny they we are under is ridiculous compared to others.

Yes all vehicles on the roadway need to be taught driving is your first priority
Truckers are more dangerous than ever
Tailgating being the biggest problem that I see Staying in the center lane driving to fast for conditions driving to fast in truck stops and wherehouse parking lots Stopping on the shoulder of the road with no emergency throwing there trash away in trash cans
We all need to do better no matter what you drive
Highway patrol needs to do there job as well They are just first responders now days
All the law does anymore is look for drugs Not enforcement of traffic laws

This is just another attempt at ushering in driverless vehicles. Nothing the FMCSA or CVSA or government has or will do is to ensure road safety. Training of all vehicle drivers is where they need to look. Nothing changes until they realize they the ABC agencies are at fault for not listening to all of us who have sat with them and gave them clear ideas on how to make all roads safer. Yet they don’t want to listen because we don’t have millions of dollars to pay them to make the right decisions. You can put the blame wherever you want. On me as a truck driver , you in a car , or place it where it needs to be right back on those who will cover up a train accident but blame someone else.

Everyone is coming at truck drivers because they believe that makes the most money, but even the dumbest people knows that most car drivers do not have a valid license can truck drivers no why are we the ones to pay for someone else’s bullshit, I guess as long as we are not together we will always get hunted

all you assclowns should have to drive some sort of large ,heavy , commercial vehicle before your handed that Subaru license, then you snowflakes would appreciate sharing the road

Yea you right at least see these big truck videos that show the aftermath when I’m in my personal vehicle I get away quick fast pass and go on simple….

Yes there are unsafe truck drivers out there! I believe that there are three times safer drivers than the knuckleheads out there.
FYI four wheelers need to stay away from big trucks and pay more attention to their driving and stay off their phones. The majority of truck drivers do at least the good ones do.

I say to all my brother and sister truckers let’s just park them for a week or two then we’ll see how they like it it will sure put a stop to all the BS

I don’t understand why people don’t give truckers a break. I’ll bet more than 75 % of freight is shipped by trucks. almost sounds like truckers should stop hauling until at least half these dumb f___KS starve to death.
just my opinion.

Safety MY ASS,!!!!!!! Every few months states Hollar broke then you see these SO CALLED SAFTEY CRACK DOWNS!!! Yes I admit that maybe 10% of this whole SAFTEY CLOWN SHOW IS ABOUT SAFTEY!!! BUT—-90% IS AIMED AT NOTHING ELSE BUT TO GENERATE REVENUE FOR THE ALLMIGHTY GREEDY STATES!!!!! I owned n operated a small sand n gravel business for thirty four years! Despite all the no driving four wheelers out there I never had an accident on highway!!!!! Yes I turned over a dump trailer while dumping a load, but that was not an ON HIGHWAY ACCIDENT !!!!!??