Georgia trucker faces multiple charges following Indiana incident

Poole Accident Scene
A Georgia trucker was arrested in Indiana Sunday, Feb. 14, and charged with possession of marijuana and synthetic urine, as well as operating while intoxicated. (Courtesy: Indiana State Police)

SEYMOUR, Ind. — Truck driver Kendarius C. Poole, 29, of Riverdale, Georgia, was arrested in Indiana Sunday, Feb. 14, after leaving the scene of a crash on Interstate 65 in Jackson County.

At about 10:30 a.m., Trooper Tia Hunt of the Indiana State Police (ISP) responded to reports of a semi tractor-trailer, driven by Poole, parked on the shoulder of I-65 Northbound near the 53 mile marker, just north of Seymour.

When Hunt arrived at the scene, Poole indicated he simply needed some flat tires repaired and that he had not been involved in a crash; however, Hunt noted the vehicle had fresh damage from a recent crash. Meanwhile, ISP Trooper Korry Clark located a freshly damaged guardrail about 2 miles south that matched the damage to Poole’s truck and trailer.

According to a statement released by ISP, during the roadside investigation, Hunt found evidence suggesting Poole was in possession of marijuana. When ISP Trooper Randel Miller and Jinx, an ISP K-9, responded to assist, Jinx alerted the officers to the odor of illegal drugs coming from the vehicle. During a search of the truck, suspected marijuana and synthetic urine were located.

Kendarius Poole
Kendarius C. Poole (Courtesy: Indiana State Police)

A search warrant was obtained to draw and test Poole’s blood for evidence that he was operating the vehicle while intoxicated. After the search warrant was served, Poole was arrested on charges of leaving the scene of a crash, possession of marijuana, possession of synthetic urine, operating while intoxicated and operating while intoxicated-endangerment.

Kendarius Poole was transported to the Jackson County Jail where he was incarcerated pending his initial court appearance in the Jackson County Superior Court.

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  1. P.O.S…. thank God he didn’t kill anyone and now he’s finished for good. It’s already difficult to deal with all the passenger vehicles who hate us much less having to deal with this breed of truckers.

  2. Look, these are the reasons why we are targeted by State Troopers. I’m glad he was arrested I hope they take his CLD for life ( BTW that’s the law in FMCSA to commit a Felony in a CDL motorcarrier)

  3. I won’t call the guy a thug. He was wrong and he knew it. Every truckdriver is well aware of the law concerning drugs and alcohol. He isn’t innocent in his choices. Yes, he has ruined his career in trucking and fortunately didn’t hurt anyone in the process. I hope he seeks out help to clean up his act. This is a prime example of why loosening Marijuana laws is wrong. People make stupid decisions in using it. Do I think jail is the answer, not necessarily. But as a deterrent to to this kind of usage, it won’t hurt.


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