ParkMyFleet, TruckPark, FuelMe join forces to help drivers find safe, secure parking

ParkMyFleet will immediately add 10 locations with a total of 300 parking spaces to the TruckPark network, and plans to add 30 locations by the end of the year. (Courtesy: TruckPark)

NEW YORK — ParkMyFleet has partnered with TruckPark and FuelMe to provide a secure, reliable overnight parking spaces for truck drivers to help address the chronic national shortage of safe parking. This partnership will quickly add 10 new locations in five states with a total of 300 parking spaces. ParkMyFleet plans to bring more than 30 additional parking locations to the network by the end of 2021.

“Truck drivers continually face many hurdles while working tirelessly to get individuals and businesses the essential goods they require,” said Mike Landau, CEO of ParkMyFleet. “The inability to find safe parking during required downtime and waiting long hours to refuel is just not acceptable. In partnership with TruckPark and FuelMe, our goal is to provide a secure location for drivers to rest, store and/or service their vehicles in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.”

Two years ago, TruckPark introduced an app that provides a simple way for truck drivers to reserve parking when and where they need it, and to help increase the utilization of existing parking facilities across the country that often go unused.

At that time, TruckPark pledged to also help address the severe, chronic shortage of available parking for truckers by developing new parking facilities, especially in areas with the worst shortages of available parking. In another step to help professional drivers, TruckPark and FuelMe recently launched a joint venture to provide on-demand fueling services at all TruckPark facilities.

“We are thrilled to be working in partnership with ParkMyFleet and TruckPark to provide a true solution for fueling and roadside-assistance services with the click of a button on one easy-to-use platform, simplifying the user experience while providing invaluable data to optimize operations,” said Carlo Passacantando, CEO of FuelMe.

Through this latest partnership, trucking fleets and drivers will be able to use ParkMyFleet’s facilities for both short- and long-term parking — with the added benefit of having on-demand fueling and repair services available on the premises.

Each parking facility is protected by secure fencing and has surveillance cameras and on-site security/support staff, as well as restrooms and Wi-Fi. In addition, drivers will have access to charging cables, air compressors, shop vacs, power washers and various tools to utilize during their stay.

“The TruckPark and FuelMe platform provides long-haul truckers a reliable means to secure safe parking, fueling and repair services in close proximity to their route,” said Anthony Petitte, CEO of TruckPark. “We are excited to partner with ParkMyFleet in providing additional locations to help address the chronic shortage of safe and secure parking spaces for truck drivers.”

The TruckPark app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

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