Love’s expands contactless payment options to reduce risk of COVID-19 exposure

Loves Contactless Payments
Using tap-and-go credit cards is one way customers can take advantage of contactless payment options at Love’s Travel Stops across the nation. (Courtesy: Love’s Travel Stops)

OKLAHOMA CITY — To help protect customers and staff from the risk of exposure to COVID-19, Love’s Travel Stops across the country are offering expanded options for contact-free payment for both inside and outside transactions.

“With the holiday driving season upon us, we want our customers to know about the increased amount of options they have when paying for fuel and other items like food, drinks and snacks,” said Ginny Webb, Love’s chief information officer and vice president of technology. “Being able to purchase items quickly and safely is very important to our customers and we are pleased to be able to offer these contactless options.”

Mobile and contactless technology helps limit COVID-19 exposure and offers more convenience for the customer, and Love’s remains committed to ongoing enhancements of security features. Here are the options customers can use at Love’s:

  • Apply Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.
  • Tap-and-go credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.
  • New smart terminals that, combined with Love’s credit processing software, cut checkout time in half.

To fill up their tanks, professional drivers can use Love’s Mobile Pay on the Love’s Connect app to answer prompts, pay for fuel and receive contactless, digital receipts using their mobile phones. In addition, the app’s mobile receipts feature provides access to contactless receipts from all transactions made by swiping or scanning their My Love Rewards card.

Contactless transactions inside Love’s locations have more than doubled in the last year. Four-wheel customers using contactless options to pay at the pump have increased by more than five times in 2020.

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