U.S. Senate passes more than $154B in spending for transportation


The U.S. Senate August 1 approved more than $154 billion for fiscal year 2019 transportation spending, including $667 million for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and $956 million for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, reported the Journal of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) today.

Critical highway infrastructure is slated to get $49.3 billion, an estimated $3.3 billion above the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation or FAST Act’s authorized level, with $800 million going to bridges in rural areas.

Also included were $1 billion in TIGER grants, which are now called BUILD grants.

The Senate funding bill will have to be reconciled with the House of Representative’s appropriations bill passed in May.

The Senate measure passed by a vote of 92-6, the Journal article said, noting that the package combined four separate spending bills into one for 2019 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development or THUD needs “with only a few minor changes.”


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