WIT recognizes Leigh Foxall as September Member of the Month

Leigh Foxall
Leigh Foxall, founder and CEO of Truck Parking Reservations, has been named September Member of the Month by the Women In Trucking Association. (Courtesy: Women In Trucking)

PLOVER, Wis. — The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) has named Leigh Foxall as its September Member of the Month. Foxall is the founder and CEO of Truck Parking Reservations and a 30-year veteran of the trucking industry. She has experience in leading both large and small businesses into and through tremendous growth phases.


It is said she has diesel in her blood.

After moving to Portland, Oregon, in 1986, Foxall went to work for the Jubitz family at Dial-A-Truck/DAT Solutions. The Dial-A-Truck offices were housed in “the brown broker building” at the far corner of the Jubitz Truck Stop parking lot. Trucks parked within inches of the building and the only way to get to the truck stop’s restaurant, the Ponderosa, for lunch was to walk through the fuel island.

That’s where and when the diesel got into her blood.

Foxall has worked side by side with several technology pioneers in the transportation industry. Al Jubitz, who recognized a pain point for shippers and brokers that were looking for truck drivers to move their loads, and Scott Moscrip, who started his company by employing his family and their friends to build what is now Truckstop.com, are just a few of them.

After spending more than 20 years with these colleagues, Foxall started building Truck Parking Reservations to help professional drivers find safe, secure reserved truck parking.

Just ask any over-the-road truck driver how long it takes to find truck parking in or around a major city, or if they can find a spot after 6 p.m. almost anywhere in the nation, and you’ll realize there is a truck parking crisis. In fact, over the past few years, American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) studies have shown that truck parking is a top critical issue for truck drivers.

“The pandemic has caused an even greater truck parking crisis for the trucking industry,” Foxall noted. “Due to the lockdown, property owners in major cities with safe and secure overnight parking are no longer able to serve the trucking industry with much needed available, reserved truck parking spaces.”

In addition to working with technology companies that serve the trucking industry, Foxall served as chair of WIT’s board of directors. She has also helped staff the WIT trade show booths, attended conferences, and was always there to support and encourage Ellen Voie, WIT president and CEO, while she was building the association, according to a statement from WIT.

“I will never forget the first ‘Salute to Women Behind the Wheel’ event with WIT,” Foxall said.

“When the doors opened, we had no idea what to expect. Female drivers, their families, and supporters streamed in through the doors for what seemed like 30 minutes. Some women had tears running down their face as they thanked us for honoring them,” she recalled. “It was an amazing day, and I am fortunate to have built relationships with women who too have diesel in their blood.”

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