Hino Trucks’ Project Z paving the path to mass production of zero-emissions commercial vehicles

Hino Project Z
Hino Trucks’ zero-emissions products include a Class 8 extended-range fuel-cell tractor, a Class 5 truck, an electric Class 8 box truck and more. (Courtesy: Hino Trucks)

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Hino Trucks in early October launched Project Z, the company’s development path for zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs) ranging from Class 4 to Class 8.

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Through Project Z, Hino will partner with technology leaders in advanced electrification drive systems, according to a company statement. In a recent report, The Trucker outlined Hino’s partnership with parent company Toyota to produce an extended-range electric Class 8 truck; the companies plan to produce a demo during the first half of 2021.

During a launch event earlier this month, Hino presented a comprehensive lineup of zero-emissions trucks. Showcased products included a Class 5 on a SEA Electric SEA-Drive 120a on a Hino M5 chassis, a battery-electric Class 7 tractor with Hexagon Purus’ full electric drive system, a Hino XL Series Class 8 box truck powered by Xos Trucks’ X-Pack battery and electric drive system, and a Hino XL Series Class 8 tractor powered by Toyota’s Fuel Cell system. Additionally, Hino featured a, and a. For the battery electric vehicles, Hino will look at both central drive motors and e-axles.

“Our holistic approach to working with technology leaders like Toyota, Hexagon Purus and Xos will result in a sustainable, low-cost product line up that will meet the needs of our customers as our industry moves forward to zero-emission vehicles,” said Glenn Ellis, senior vice president of customer experience for Hino Trucks. “For customers ready to move in that direction now, the SEA Electric SEA-Drive 120a paired with a Hino M Series chassis is commercially available today.”

To learn more about Project Z and monitor the company’s progress, click here.

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