Samsara adds AI dash cam features to help fleets adapt to ‘new normal’

Driver Wearing Mask
Mask detection is one of three new features Samsara has added to its AI dash cam to help fleet safety managers better train and communicate with drivers.

SAN FRANCISCO — Samsara has added new AI dash cam features to help fleets improve driver safety and training, the company announced in a blog post Nov. 30.

Even though fleet safety managers are accustomed to communicating remotely with drivers, they generally rely on in-person training and coaching — something that has become increasingly difficult because of social-distancing restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a recent survey by Samsara, 32% of fleet customers said attracting and retaining drivers is the top challenge faced this year. To help managers better coach, train and engage drivers, Samsara AI dash cams now feature the mask detection, live streaming and driver video share.

Mask detection

Using advanced artificial intelligence, dual-facing Samsara AI dash cams can now automatically detect whether a driver is wearing a mask.

Commercial drivers are classified as essential workers, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided specific guidance to ensure their safety. This guidance specifies that drivers must wear a mask or face covering in public settings, such as when pumping fuel, picking up food or completing a pickup or delivery. While solo drivers are at a low risk of exposure when on the road, team drivers or drivers who transport people may be required to wear a mask at all times.

In addition to mask detection, Samsara has added tailgating and distracted driving detection to its suite of AI-detected events and behaviors.

Live streaming

Safety managers now have the option to perform virtual ride-alongs by accessing live video feed from vehicles on the road.

The live streaming feature allows safety managers to view real-time video — road-facing, inward-facing or both — for coaching and training that would normally be done in person. As a privacy feature, in-cab alerts notify drivers when a live stream starts and ends.

Driver video share

Safety managers can share event videos directly with drivers, enabling remote and self-guided coaching.

When a video is sent, drivers will receive a text alert with a link to the event details and video; the driver can then follow the link when he or she is safely stopped. This allows evidence-based, self-guided coaching.

Existing customers can register for a Dec. 16 webinar to learn more about Samsara’s safety features. New customers can click here to request a demo.

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