Volvo’s latest-generation D13 turbo compound engine now standard in all VNL 740, 760, 860 models

Volvo’s latest-generation D13 turbo compound engine now standard in all VNL 740, 760, 860 models
Volvo’s D13 turbo compound engine is now standard on VNL 740, 760 and 780 models. In addition, select fuel-economy packages are available to customers. This Volvo VNL 760 is equipped with the Xceed fuel-economy package. (Courtesy: Volvo Trucks North America)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Volvo Trucks North America is taking steps to increase its vehicles’ operational efficiency and cut fuel costs for owners by enhancing the fuel-economy packages in its trucks. Volvo’s D13 turbo compound (D13TC) engine is now standard in all Volvo VNL and VNR models, the company announced Nov. 10.


“Volvo Trucks North America has a strong tradition of bringing innovations to the market,” said Allison Athey, product marketing manager at Volvo Trucks North America. “We can compare making the D13TC standard in certain VNL models with earlier milestones, such as in 2007 when we introduced the Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission, or when we were the first OEM in North America to offer our integrated proprietary driveline as standard, and back in 1983 when we were the first out with the fully integrated sleeper cabs on our trucks, setting new safety standards.”

Volvo D13 Turbo Compound Engine web
Volvo D13 Turbo Compound Engine (Courtesy: Volvo Trucks North America)

Volvo Trucks’ D13TC engine is equipped with Dynamic Torque, a system that enables the driver to operate the truck in a more fuel-efficient manner by adjusting to the exact load without impacting performance. The engine also offers three individual drive modes, as well as an additional 405 hp rating and the next evolution of Volvo Trucks’ patented wave piston design. These updates enable further increases in fuel efficiency over a wider range of loads, applications, vehicle speeds and engine RPMs, the company says.

“The D13TC engine optimizes fuel efficiency and increases the value to customers through cost savings and overall ROI,” Athey said. “Making the engine standard was the next logical step, in addition to offering customizable fuel economy packages that further maximize profitability and reduce the truck’s impact on the environment.”

The company also offers enhanced fuel economy packages for Volvo VNL and VNR models. These packages provide up to a 16% improvement in fuel efficiency savings for the VNL and up to a 6% fuel efficiency savings for the VNR over the baseline models, based on the package specified. These fuel efficiency packages provide an integrated solution, combining aerodynamics and powertrain technologies for enhanced performance, increased drive efficiency and additional savings.

“Volvo Trucks North America takes a holistic approach to fuel efficiency optimization,” Athey said. “While offering these fuel economy packages and making the D13TC engine standard, we are working with our dealers, customers and drivers to build awareness and provide education on the key areas that have an impact on fuel efficiency throughout the truck’s life cycle.”

The latest connectivity solutions are also a key contributor to secure best-in-class fuel efficiency throughout the truck’s life span. All Volvo VNL and VNR models come standard with over-the-air remote diagnostics software and remote programming upgrades, further providing optimizations. Through 24/7 monitoring of the D13TC engine, as well as transmission and aftertreatment systems, fuel efficiency updates and parameter changes can be completed in a matter of minutes without requiring the customer to visit a dealership, significantly increasing uptime.

The following fuel efficiency packages are available for the Volvo VNL:

  • Plus (up to 4%): Includes D13 VGT engine package, I-See predictive cruise control, front bumper with full airflow deflector, chassis fairings, cab side fairings with extender and low rolling resistance tires.
  • Advanced TC (up to 12%): Includes Plus features as well as the D13TC engine, mirror arm wind deflectors, extended chassis fairings with ground effects, and trim tab.
  • Xceed (up to 16%): Only available for Volvo VNL 760 and 860 models, this package includes Advanced TC features and the full FlowBelow Aerokit, plus an optimized wheelbase and trailer gap to decrease drag.

The following fuel efficiency packages are available for the Volvo VNR:

  • Plus (up to 4%): Includes D13 VGT engine package with I-See predictive cruise control, chassis fairings and cab side fairings with extender.
  • Advanced (up to 6%): Includes Plus features, as well as the D13 VGT XE engine package, mirror arm wind deflectors, ground effects and trim tab.
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