$25,000 hazardous duty pay for truckers. What are your thoughts?

Our friends at the Trucking Review Channel discuss the idea that is being floated in Congress regarding hazardous pay for essential workers.

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Trucking Review Channel:

Okay guys, I was just reading the news and I seen this. Senate Democrats propose a $25,000 Corona virus hazard pay for essential workers. I’ll tell you how I feel about this after I read it and I might have to pause it and go into a little debt. I don’t know. Okay. Senate Democrats are proposing giving hazard pay for up to $25,000 to essential workers including grocers, store employees, transit workers, and truck drivers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. The bonus pay, which would equate to $13 an hour raise for recipients, I don’t know where they get that number they’re doing averages, but go towards workers who are in the line of fire day in and day out. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, said during a Tuesday conference call with reporters, it would extend from the beginning of the virus outbreak through the end of the year.

Trucking Review Channel:

“It’s the right thing to do. It’s the moral thing to do”, Schumer said. “When America has a crisis, we all pull together. No one has pulled together more than these essential workers who desire hazard pay. We are asking these workers to take a great risk. They should be compensated for it”. The Democrats proposal, the so called pandemic premium pay would offer at $25,000 for workers earning less than $200,000 a year and up to $5,000 for those earning more than $200,000. It would also offer an essential work recruitment incentive of up to $15,000 for medical workers. Schumer did not provide a total cost estimate for the proposal. Many hospital workers and medical providers have expressed concern about the high risk of exposure to the virus, particularly given the inadequate access to personal protective equipment like masks, gowns and gloves that could help to protect them. What is hazard pay?

Trucking Review Channel:

You was in the army. You know what it was. The Trump administration might be open to a fourth stimulus package, which may include, hazard pay for frontline workers who earn too much to qualify for the one time payment of $1,200 set aside in the CARES Act. We’ll skip that. President Trump also said he’s considering hazard pay for healthcare workers like doctors, nurses, and others grappling with the outbreak of COVID-19 respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus. It’s something we’re discussing in terms of bonuses are bonus pay. Trump said last week during a white house briefing. They’re like warriors. They’re like soldiers. Well, that’s true. The existing $2 trillion relief bill is paying people $1,200 who earn less than $75,000 and $2,400 to couples who earn less than $150,000. Children receive $500.

Trucking Review Channel:

The payments are tapered for high earners and are phased out completely for individuals earn more than $99,000, or couples who are more than 198,000. You know I’m going to give you my opinion on this also, right? There’s a big fear in my head that as this continues to escalate, a lot of people are going to start going home. I think that I read that about 40% of the workforce in our niche, our trucking niche has already accepted layoffs and went home.

Trucking Review Channel:

It’s a very big possibility and I’ve talked to you guys about the fact that two weeks ago when this started up, started ramping up, rates were really high, right? And we were socking it to them and I understand that even if I don’t agree with it. But now times have caught up and enough truck drivers have went home that the ones that have switched over from other services have filled the niche rather nicely. Matter of fact to the max capacity. So rates have fallen on that same load that you was hauling two weeks ago, the stimulus load. The rates have fallen substantially, okay? Now we are, we are all of us. It’s not just truck drivers, okay. This is a problem that faces our country and if everyone goes home, the nation’s going to be over. We can’t all go home. That’s why I’ve talked about bravery and some people put their life in the line and they just keep on doing it because there are people that run to fires and people that run from fires.

Trucking Review Channel:

I’m not going to judge you if you go home. I am sitting at home. In two weeks if the girl isn’t better, I’m going back out. I’m going to go out regardless. It’s not a matter of money for me. It’s a matter of patriotism and I got to do my part to help the country along in this effort to preserve our way of life. Preserving our way of life, it’s a tangible dream. Really, it is. A tangible dream for the next generation. It may not be here for the next generation. If we don’t do something today. The government’s going to get the freight moved one way or the other. Which side would you be on? Will you be on the money grubbing side? Give me a dollar. Give me a dollar. I want my $3. You guys know that movie? All right.

Trucking Review Channel:

Or, are you going to be on the side that stands up and just does what’s right? Because if we don’t deliver freight, people are going to die. Right now, it’s really great, right? Have you noticed that there’s been a trend in the grocery stores and people aren’t buying the amount of stuff that they was buying because they’re starting to stock in their goods in the stores. You’re going to see in the coming week another glut, and when I say a glut, I mean the DCs are going to be filled up and then you’re going to find another drop in freight rates once these DCs are filled up. And then more truck drivers will go home because you don’t want to sit at a truck stop. I’ll go out and work and I’ll haul freight for practically free. But I’ll tell you, I’m not going to sit at a truck stop all week. If I’ve got to sit, I’ll go home.

Trucking Review Channel:

I’m not needed, right? And I know you feel the same way. If you’re needed, then that give me a load. There’s no pretty picture to this. There’s no pretty outcome. It’s doom and gloom with a better hope for tomorrow. I hope you guys can stand up where you’re needed to stand up and function. And function as a whole. I know that we’re going to be little disjointed revolutionaries out there, but something’s got to bring this together. I’ve been following OOIDA, oh I just touched my face guys, don’t worry about it I’ve been inside. I’ve been following OOIDA really closely because they’re really staying on top of this really good. If you guys aren’t a member to OOIDA you guys probably should join because they are looking out for your best interest.

Trucking Review Channel:

But anyway, we’re still at home. I know you guys think that we’re on the road because I had some videos that I needed to put up and I thought, this is a time of doom and gloom. Our videos, I try to make lighthearted and airy and happy, right? So those videos that I’ve had in reserve, I went ahead and started releasing.

Trucking Review Channel:

The girl won’t be going back to the doctor until the 14th and we’re going to find out what’s going on with her eyes at that point. I don’t know if she’s going to be coming back out anytime soon. I really don’t. If she can’t drive, then what can she do, right? We can think of something, but you know what I’m saying, right? I mean, it’s a matter of work. But I can do it by myself. I’ve done it by myself my whole life mostly so I can do it again. Keep the faith guys. Keep strong. Keep your CBs on, communicate with each other. You’ve got to help bolster your fellow trucker up, okay? If someone needs to talk, please talk to them, and don’t be the negative Nancy that’s out there sowing seeds of descent and disaster, all right? Put a positive face on it.

Trucking Review Channel:

This is not America’s first disaster. It will not be our last disaster. There will be a brighter tomorrow and we will come through this whole. Hopefully we’ll come through it whole with our integrity intact. You guys have a spectacular day. Be safe out there on the front lines of corona central and be safe wear you mask, wash your hands. Stay in the woods. Stay out of the truck stop as much as you can. I know that truck stops are still giving everybody trouble. Some of them are doing good and some of them are doing bad. It’s a very stressful time on them too. They don’t think very highly of us for reasons that … They got good reasons to not think very highly of us.

Trucking Review Channel:

So think about that when you’re wanting to choke them out at the truck stop. I mean, Daniel was telling me about an experience he had today and I was like, I know, you just want to choke them, but we can’t do that. We’re better than that. We’re more informed. We’re better educated. We don’t get the props that we desired for the education that we received out here. But anyway, have a spectacular day. Be safe. We’ll see you on the other side.


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The Trucker News Staff produces engaging content for not only, but also The Trucker Newspaper, which has been serving the trucking industry for more than 30 years. With a focus on drivers, the Trucker News Staff aims to provide relevant, objective content pertaining to the trucking segment of the transportation industry. The Trucker News Staff is based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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The Trucker News Staff produces engaging content for not only, but also The Trucker Newspaper, which has been serving the trucking industry for more than 30 years. With a focus on drivers, the Trucker News Staff aims to provide relevant, objective content pertaining to the trucking segment of the transportation industry. The Trucker News Staff is based in Little Rock, Arkansas.
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Yes we should im hauling potatoes im always in hot spots gone alot im to do it help make sure food on table and love my job thx be safe out there

As a truckdriver myself I think we are more than deserving of this money .as we leave our families at home safe we are out here traveling from state to state not knowing who or when or if we may come in contact with someone with it and get sick and then what happens to mine and other drivers families. Without the truckdrivers bringing the goods that people need you think this economy is bad now ,just let the trucks stop rolling and see what happens ,so all I’m saying is it would be great to be shown some real appreciation for what we do for a change.

They not gonna give Truckers nothing but a fake pat on the back, a swift kick in the ass n a Dot inspection.

They deserve extra pay. They leave their families and deliver all the essentials that are needed in a time like this. Sometimes they don’t know if they can get food at a truck stop with all the resturants being closed. Unless they pack food for the week or how ever long they are gone. Then companies are trying to under pay them while paying less for loads and making them try to earn a living for peanuts. My husband is a truck driver and he goes through hell every week that he leaves.

My husbeen is a truck driver also he a feed driver feed chickens food that goes on our table has been working the hole time since Covit 19 out break they all should get hazer pay when will we here something ack

Yes! Yes! Yes! Every trucker should receive hazard pay! It’s unforgivable how overlooked they are. This country is in bad shape now, but nobody acknoweldges how devastating it would be if truckers put their needs first and parked their trucks. Even a couple days people would lose their minds because it would be a lot more than toilet paper not on the shelves! But as badly as their treated they wouldn’t do that the drivers I’ve had the privilege of knowing even at a personal loss or safety would do whatever they could not to add to anyone’s suffering! Wake up, and give them what they deserve! Not just money, but a huge thank you!!!

43 years to drive the truck in this country after I came out of the military and I can prove it and this country has done nothing good for the Trucking Association or the truckers do what’s right I have to go in places where there are people at with no mask people truck top all-around Nomad snow gloves right on top of you know social just to see that’s hazardous give us what we deserve and I think you should give every truck driver in a country that’s an American trucker a medal of honor and I’m for real we’re serving our country aren’t we we went above and beyond our duties and stayed out there these trucks I come out of retirement to help the country hell I’ve been retired for five years I come out because I I’m a patriot I thought it was my duty show me some respect nobody ever has all you people do is give us a finger when you go by I saw your brakes on in front of us call the cops on

I am a trucker and have had the mild symptoms of corona 4 times now. Sneezing, fever, really bad body aches, tingling limbs, ect. I always delivered my loads on time and it was not ever easy. Thanks to Trump for suspending the stupid HOS regulations, I can sleep when I need to and drive when I can. It has been like a dark cloud of bureaucratic stupidity lifted off an entire industry.

My job is 5 times more dangerous than the cop sitting in his car watching me drive by. The cop is getting $750 a week has duty pay to not stop speeders or make arrests. But nothing for the trucker that get treated like crap all day long.

I drove 191k miles in the last year and was almost killed more times than I could ever remember. I am like a bunch of other truckers that are getting ready to clean out our trucks this summer and prep for the next wave which will lead to famine and business collapse. We have had enough of the low pay and high danger.

Everyone of us leaving our families and homes to work, exposing’s ourselves daily to this virus for which there is no cure or treatment for should be entitled to receive adequate recognitions and compensated as such. Employer’s and the bureaucrats know the dangers and risks we are all facing in this crisis and as we protect, provide and serve them as they should us, this is a death sentence. I really don’t think that it’s to much to ask. Employer’s are expecting us to perform even more dangerous task because of Coronavirus with no wage adjustments. I can’t see the fairness in that. Some form of gratitude would be, if nothing else a well deserved gesture that could lift this black cloud we’ve found ourselves thrown into. Yes, things are going to get worst before long. Because we live in a country being run by idiots!

What about the truck stops I work at pilot 208 clean up piss and shit ervy day have to deal with some crazy lady spitting at me for pouting a cigarette out in the ash tray and cleaning peoples cum and filth out of at least 40 to 80 showers a day and we get no hazard pay all we get is a free 10$ meal from subway so when u get sick of subway and don’t get lunch the owner jest pockets more money. Don’t get me wrong I feel for u truckers but some of y’all are filthy and I have to clean up the filth. Ps please be mindful of the people working at the truck stops for we get practicly nothing for risking our health and our loved ones health.

Yes. A a Yrucker we are absorbing the High cost of Meals, if you can find a resturant with Truck Parking, most of the Truck Stops have closed thier restaurants, just have fast food. We should get this ESSIENTIAL WORKER PAY. It is Justified. I’m a Company Driver. Now I know this is really hitting g the Owner Operators really bad. With the high cost of fuel.