‘Trucking angel’ Reanee Swiger-Gray named WIT’s April 2021 member of the month

Reanee Swiger Gray
Reanee Swiger-Gray, a driver for Brenny Specialized Inc., has been recognized as Women In Trucking’s April member of the month. (Courtesy: WIT)

PLOVER, Wis. —The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) has named Reanee Swiger-Gray, a professional driver for Brenny Specialized Inc., as its April Member of the Month.

Swiger-Gray’s driving career began in 2012, and she has logged well over 1 million miles as an over-the-road driver. In addition to consistently being one of Brenny’s highest-mileage drivers, she has an impeccable safety record and is constantly working to improve her skills and be a safer driver.

WIT describes Swiger-Gray as a “trucking angel” who loves helping others, noting that she goes out of her way to meet the needs of anyone who needs a hot meal, a bottle of cold water, a listening ear and — one rainy day near Austin — a pair of shoes.

While enjoying some home time, Swiger-Gray and her mother had taken her father to the hospital for a check-up. As they were finishing up, Swiger-Gray noticed a scene unfolding at the bus stop near the hospital. A man was trying to get on a bus but was being told “no” over and over. The man was shouting, “I don’t have shoes!”

Hearing the desperation in the man’s voice, Swiger-Gray realized that he just wanted to get on the bus and perhaps find shelter from the rain, but was being denied access because he wasn’t wearing shoes. As the bus zoomed away, leaving the man standing in the cold rain, Swiger-Gray turned to her mother and said, “Momma, that man has no shoes. I need to find him!”

So up and down the blocks near the hospital she drove. When she finally found the man, Swiger-Gray shouted out her window, “Hey Bubba, what size shoe do you wear?” The man sheepishly replied that he wore size 8 or 9. Swiger-Gray promptly grabbed a shoebox, containing a pair of sneakers she had purchased for herself, and said, “Take these.”

When her mother later said, “You gave that man your new fancy blue tennis shoes?” Swiger-Gray responded without hesitation, “That man can’t walk around in the rain without shoes, Momma!”

According to WIT, this is just one of many stories Swiger-Gray has shared with co-workers.

“Reanee is one of the drivers that will leave a legacy as an angel, keeping this industry looking and acting professional,” the organization noted in a statement.

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