David Compton:

There is no doubt that, during the coronavirus, some people might be imbibing a little bit more than normal, and there’s nothing like drinking straight from the tap. However, Gabriel Marino of Haywood, California really must have wanted some wine and took drinking from the tap to the extreme.

It seems a tanker was on northbound Highway 99 in Turlock, California when Marino pulled his vehicle to the left and started trying to get the attention of the tanker driver. The trucker pulled to the right shoulder of the freeway thinking there might be mechanical problems.

Marino and the tanker both pulled to the shoulder when Marino proceeded to run to the platform area between the tractor and the tanker. The tanker driver thought this was pretty odd, so he decided to drive away.

He hadn’t gone very far when he noticed the gauge on his rig was showing he was losing fluid from the tank. Once again, he pulled over to the shoulder of the freeway and found Marino underneath the tanker tried to drink up as much red wine as he could.

It’s important to note Marino was only wearing underwear at this point.

The CHP and Turlock Police Department both responded to the scene and Marino was arrested.

The drinking excursion spilled more than 100 gallons of wine.


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