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fmcsa crashes

The Trucker News Channel – FMCSA crashes

-FMCSA websites crashes -Super trucker hits 5 million miles -PA give tickets with cameras now -Knight-Swift starts predictive pricing

The Trucker News Channel Episode #051

In this episode we cover... - Sticky situation on highway. -FMCSA wants younger drivers? - Driver leaves truck running on highway and goes missing. All this and more...

The Trucker News Channel Episode #017

In this episode we cover...Truckers abandon their rigs on the highway. National #thankatrucker campaignCheck out these stories and more on this edition of...

The Trucker News Channel Episode #026

In this episode we cover...Brake Safety Week Trucker doesn't hear train New law may change truckers pay
sddefault 2

The Trucker News Channel — Whose lane is it anyway?

In this episode, we cover: A Swedish manufacturer is making its autonomous, electric transport vehicles available globally, lane markings in Utah leave drivers wondering,...

Friday Fun – He’s back. The Semi Funny Comedian returns

VIDEO: Friday Fun - He's back. The Semi Funny Comedian returns

Don’t brake check a trucker, they have friends!

A driver tries to brake check a semi on a crowded highway and ends up meeting a couple of his fellow trucker friends.  Watch...

The Trucker News Channel Episode #068

In this episode we cover...- Changes in HOS- Brake Check Week- 3 DUI's = no CDL- Kansas helps truckers with parking

Friday Fun – Playing roller hockey in the back of a moving truck!

Sometimes on Fridays, we post silly stuff that we come across which is not really trucking news, but is still on the fringe of...

The Trucker News Channel Episode #054

In this episode we cover...- FMCSA wants to know about your detention time.- Pace of driver pay increases.- Trucker swerves for miles.- New tech...
i crash 1

I-80 pileup involves up to 140 vehicles. Warning disturbing video.

This crash occurred early the evening of March 1, 2020, on I-80 between Rawlins and Wamsutter, Wyoming. Three people were killed Linda Flores posted this...

The Trucker News Channel – Getting $10 a mile

In this show we cover...- Trucker has stash of pipe bombs- Toll workers losing their jobs- Getting $10 a mile the hard way- Iowa...

Trump and Trucking – We want to hear your views in the comments section

Late night TV host Seth Meyers recently posted this video to YouTube called "The Check In: Trump and Trucking".As a business news agency, we...
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The Trucker News Channel Episode #097

In this episode we cover...- Chick-fil-A opens to truckers- FMCSA extends HOS suspension- Arizona reopens rest areas- Our Cat Scale Rig of the Week. David...

Funny Friday – The only self-driving truck we approve of!

With all the news these days about autonomous trucks, this is the only one we approve of.  Watch all the way to the end! 

That’s some trick driving right there!

This trucker gets it up on a couple wheels and then puts her back down and avoids an accident.

Timelapse Trucker – The Arctic Story Part 1

We are happy to introduce our audience to The Timelapse Trucker RTOT.  We came across Jerrold on YouTube and liked is video style.Over the...

I’d use some duct tape too!

Tie downs work for anything!  Also note the left rear tire.

History lesson with the Timelapse Trucker – The Vityaz DT30

It's story time again with the Timelapse Trucker!  This time he tells us all about the Vityaz DT30 from the Soviet Union. This puppy...

Watch I-59/20 bridge fall in planned implosion

Contractors detonated controlled explosive devices around the columns for the old ramp leading from U.S. 31/280 to I-59/20 Southbound, toward Tuscaloosa, sending the old...