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The Trucker News Channel Episode #043

In this episode we cover... - A trucker goes big on his final ride - 3000 piglets get loose on the highway - Hours of Service exemptions -...

RUN! – Insane out of control semi caught on camera

There was a a major pileup on Highway 84 in Lubbock County, Texas Friday and it was all captured on camera.A camera crew from...

Too close for comfort!

This was just seconds from the unthinkable.Shared by our good friends at The Truck Boss Show.https://www.facebook.com/TruckBossShow/

The Trucker News Channel Episode #001

In this episode we cover...A driver murders his trainer.Shots fired at a truck stop over peach cobbler.A load of live tigers end up in...

Man in wheelchair catches ride behind semi

We are not quite sure what to say after watching this one!
TTNC 101

The Trucker News Channel – Black mamba found in semi

The Trucker News Channel - Black mamba found in semi

Watch I-59/20 bridge fall in planned implosion

Contractors detonated controlled explosive devices around the columns for the old ramp leading from U.S. 31/280 to I-59/20 Southbound, toward Tuscaloosa, sending the old...

The Trucker News Channel – Christmas Episode

Who knew cousin Eddie was a trucker!Merry Christmas.
driver's side logo

Haulin’ the Holidays – The Drivers Side

Wayne Campbell is back with thanks to those who keep America Moving!Happy Thanksgiving everyone!Courtesy:  The Drivers Side
delivering to the zero g plane she fell out the bed youtube 1

Delivering to the Zero G plane

If my bank account didn't have $0g in it, I'd spend the $5g to ride this baby! Our friends at the The Trucking Review Channel...

Semi truck nearly nails pedestrian

What's that lurking in the darkness?  Oh dang, it's a person on the highway!Ok, that was a close one.

Semi vs bicyclist

This could have been so much worse!Looks like this guy might have been surfing along side of the semi.  Either way, he is lucky...
video camera outline

Mega Load creeps though S.C.

This monster was caught creeping through Aiken County South Carolina Thursday.

Turn your speakers up for this one…great job driver!

This could have been so much worse.  She did a good job avoiding all the obstacles.

It’s time once again to play “Who’s at Fault?”

It's time again to play our popular game "Who's at Fault?"Watch the video and let us know in the comments section if you think...
trailer cave in

Trailer cave in – how does this happen?

Here is a odd piece of trucking video we found this morning.  How does this happen?  Share you thoughts in the comments. Courtesy: TalkCDL Trucking...

The Trucker News Channel Episode #059

In this episode we cover...- Man clings to back of semi doing 50MPH down the highway.- Truckers involved in human trafficking without knowing it.-...

The Trucker News Channel Episode #029

In this episode we cover...A different kind of smokie walks into a police station. New guidance for not disrupting truckers while they sleep. ...

Flooding in Texas – That cab’s gonna be a bit damp!

KHOU reporter Melissa Correa happened to be on scene and captured this video.  Another motorist grabbed a hammer and rope and saved the drivers...