The Trucker News Channel — GPS Fail

In this episode we cover a trucker stuck on an ATV/Snowmobile Road in Oregon as well as a hand-drawn license plate attempt in Kentucky. Plus, we have a happy story of #bigrigkitty being reunited with her owner along with the CAT Scale Rig of the Week.

Tucker Russ: Hey, truckers! I’m Tucker. GPS navigation leads a trucker onto an ATV road in Oregon, and a hand drawn license plate grabs police attention in Kentucky. Plus, we’ve got a happy update on this truckers pet that was rescued following a big rig accident in California, and that’s just a look at the stories we’re covering, along with our CAT Scale Read of the Week, on this edition of The Trucker News Channel.

Tucker Russ: As wildfires force highway closures in the Western U.S, one trucker traveling to Eastern Oregon found himself on a road designated for ATVs in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter. The driver said he was using a typical map app. Police warn that apps like Google Maps and Waze can’t always distinguish inaccessible roads from passable routes. It isn’t just a problem for truckers though. While police were assisting the trucker, a sedan pulled up. Drivers traveling in this area of the country should visit the States DOT website for detour and closure information to avoid learning the hard way like this guy did.

Tucker Russ: Creativity is always appreciated, but police in Kentucky were left in awe after encountering a first for them: a hand-drawn license plate. Police said that from a distance, the plate almost looked like the real deal. Interestingly enough though, this wasn’t the first attempt at an artistic rendering of a license plate. Last summer, a big rig driver in California was cited for the same offense. The only key difference, other than misspelling the state’s name, is that the trucker included the registration sticker in his drawing. As Kentucky police said, “Pro tip: don’t forget to draw the registration sticker.”

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CAT Scale Rig of the Week

Tucker Russ: Back in 2015, Ryan Toon of Patoka, Illinois, wanted to order a new truck, but before he could, he found a 2016 Peterbilt 389 for sale on a lot, which was exactly what he planned on ordering. Nice rig!

Tucker Russ: Before the truck was delivered, Ryan had already purchased the 14″ stainless steel visor and super low hap fenders, ready to mount, accenting the metallic black and chrome color scheme. Then came in air cleaner, cab and sleeper light bars, and more chrome. With a 550 horsepower Cummins ISX engine and a 13 speed transmission, the truck became part of the fleet at the family business, which was founded by Ryan’s great-grandfather in 1945. Nice rig!

Tucker Russ: If you have a rig you’d like us to profile here at the CAT Scale Rig of the Week, send us a video at [email protected] Nice rig!

Tucker Russ: We have a happy update to a story we brought you a couple of weeks ago, where a trucker’s pet gained social media fans after being rescued from a big rig accident. Ms. Kitty, who became known online as #bigrigkitty, has been reunited with her owner, Mary Taylor of Arkansas. Mary and Ms. Kitty were both hospitalized following the accident. Separately, of course, but are now happily together again. Mary’s daughter-in-law previously told authorities that Ms. Kitty always accompanies Taylor on her trips. Hopefully the pair will be back on the road soon.

Mary Taylor: I’m glad I got her back. And thank you for taking care of her.

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