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In this episode we cover: Truck Stop Pop | Truck Stop Face Coverings | Self-driving is a Decade Away

Tucker Russ:

Hey, truckers, I’m Tucker. A new line of beverages made specifically for truckers will soon hit store shelves, and large truck stop chains are joining the list of retailers requiring face coverings. Also, a new research report from MIT found that the trucking industry is still a long ways away from being fully autonomous. That’s great news for drivers, and that’s just a quick look at all the stories we’re covering on this edition of The Trucker News Channel.

Tucker Russ:

Well, truckers are about to have their own brand of sodas. As Truck Stop Pop will soon be on shelves in truck stops, travel, and service plazas. Made in Durango, Colorado, Truck Stop Pop will offer eight soda flavors all made with cane sugar, of course. The drinks will be sold in a glass bottle for a classic soda fountain feel. Some flavors to expect are original cola, root beer, vanilla cream soda, strawberry rhubarb, ginger ale, and chocolate soda. Truck Stop Pop has also made a pledge to help America’s truckers by donating a percentage of sales to the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, which helps truck drivers and their families who have been out of work. Make sure to stop in and grab a Truck Stop Pop.

Tucker Russ:

Well, truck stops are joining the list of retailers that will require customers to wear face coverings before entering their buildings. Love’s announced that the new policy begins on July 29th, while Pilot, Flying J, along with TravelCenters of America will reportedly implement a similar policy this week. Statements from the truck stop say the new requirement is intended to help protect customers, team members, and local communities from the spread of COVID-19. These requirements are for those who enter the building and are not extended to fueling. Although you might want to check local and state requirements as you travel across the country because many states have varying face covering mandates.

CAT Scale:

Time is money, and CAT Scale can help your drivers save time weighing. Drivers know their axle and gross weights before pulling off the scale, and CAT Scale weights are always guaranteed. Drivers get back on the road faster with the Weigh My Truck app from CAT Scale.

Tucker Russ:

Although self-driving truck projects are on the rise, researchers at MIT say that it is going to be quite a while before autonomous vehicles are deployed on a large scale. A recent report by MIT faculty found that despite substantial progress, fully automated driving systems that have no safety driver onboard will take at least a decade to deploy over large areas. The report revealed that the impact on truck driving jobs is not expected to be widespread in the short term. As we already know, truck drivers do more than simply drive, and a human driver would remain valuable for other reasons, such as loading, unloading, and maintenance. Don’t worry, truck drivers, you’re still needed.

Tucker Russ:

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