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In this episode we have a story about a couple truckers who got to haul a record-breaking load in Washington while an unexpected discovery was made following an accident with a tractor-trailer in Virginia. Also, we’ll tell you about a special, female-led convoy to celebrate the 150th anniversary of America’s first female voter.

Tucker Russ: Hey, truckers, I’m Tucker. Trucks transported some of the world’s longest bridge beams as a part of a Washington bridge project and police make an unexpected discovery in a cargo van following an accident with a tractor trailer in Virginia. Also, an ATA female led convoy honored the 150th anniversary of the first American woman’s ballot. That’s just a quick look at the stories we were covering on this edition of the Trucker News Channel.

Tucker Russ:A couple of truckers got to take part in a construction project that involved moving some of the world’s longest concrete beams. The beams were a part of the new overpass bridge crossing interstate 5 in Tacoma, Washington. The beams delivered were 220 feet long, making them some of the longest in the world. The state chose extra long girders for the bridge because shorter spans would require a support column in the median, which would force prolonged I5 lane changes and closures.

The Washington Department of Transportation said using these long beams allowed freeway lane closures to stay at a minimum with the freeway only being closed for roughly two nights. Virginia state police are investigating the death of a young man whose body was found in the cargo area of a work van after a crash with the tractor trailer on interstate 95. Police say that a tractor trailer had been stopped on the shoulder and as it began to pull back into the travel lanes, a van struck it from behind. After the scene was cleared, police said that the body was found in the cargo area of the van. The driver of the van was treated at the scene for minor injuries. Police said the crash and what they described as an unintended death remain under investigation.

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Tucker Russ: To honor the 150th anniversary of America’s first woman voter, American Trucking Associations partnered with the Louisa Swain Foundation and the Wyoming Office of Tourism for a special initiative, the Louisa Swain Convoy. A tractor trailer dedicated to Louisa Swain to the week long cross country journey to Laramie, Wyoming, where Louisa Swain made history as the first woman in America to cast a ballot. Leading the convoy were four female truck drivers who made stops at historical landmarks along the way, and also delivered the awakening, a historical illustration depicting the women’s suffrage movement to the Louisa Swain Foundation in Laramie. The convoy culminated on September 6th with a reenactment and celebration.

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