How’d that happen? Truck lands on house

Not quite sure how this thing actually happened, but you can see the truck jump up there right before your eyes!

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When it went off the road it the edge of the ditch in the driveway and it turned into a pole vault. He must have been really flying when he fell asleep

The first time your truck jumps on top of a house is pretty scary for a truck driver. After a few times you get used to it though. Old school drivers pretty much just shake the dust off and get right back rolling again when that happens.

WTF I am a driver and I see things like this all the time and I don’t understand why. It’s not like you are blind and deaf and incapable of cognitive thinking. How do you not realize that your truck has left the road? Fell asleep? Not an excuse for endangering lives. Get off the road and rest. Quit letting the company or the low pay keep you from doing what is right. No one could legally be terminated from their job for taking a needed break or rest or dealing with inclement conditions. It’s actually in the friggin FMSCA book. It’s illegal to retaliate in any way because a driver shuts it down for safety or fatigue reasons. Too many idiots out there scrambling for scraps in this industry. Worst thing in world was when the friggin gubberment got it’s asinine ignorant fingers on this industry and deregulated it. These problems didn’t occur when we had regulations and rules and the Teamsters looking out for us. Now we cut each other’s throats for pennies. I guess truck drivers really are the ignorant assbackwards morons that the public believes we are. We don’t do anything but whine and act stupid.

Yeah it was definitely the ditch that angled it first up and then into the house, instead of just snapping off. I had someone in a pickup, drunk, going however fast a Ford Ranger can go (the high pitched whine of the engine made me think it was a crotch rocket at first) blasted right thru the pole hit an embankment and flipped on its lid, so I’m blaming the ditch for the handstand and 2nd floor parking spot in this vid

No no no! You’re all misunderstanding the situation here. We were delivering roofing materials and figured just dropping them off on the roof would help our customer. Unfortunately my spotter failed to warn me about the wires or the dammage to the porch roof… Dang it Joe! It’s okay though… Only 2 drug tests later and after agreeing to have $70,000 deducted from our checks everything is lovely now.