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I can’t believe that someone would think that they have some kind of value in the trucking industry. If you have 350 trucks, you are still not worth anything. No, you’re not. The government’s not going to come in and take over your company, but I’ll tell you what, if we don’t truck freight, if we aren’t able to stand back up when this is over and truck freight, then the government will truck freight, and when they truck freight they don’t need you no more. That’s just how it works. And then it’s called nationalized, and you want to be nationalized. I don’t. I don’t support nationalize the oil industry or aircraft industry or anything because that’s the road to socialism guys. But truckers, I am so sad. After hiring and employing so many truckers, I know that you can get into this game, as you people call it.

It is not a game. It’s a business. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a living. And if you think that you can get into it and be anything, you have to think of it as more of a game, and you have to think of it as more than what you are able to bring to the table and what you’re going to give up, because if sacrifice is involved, would you or would you not haul freight for free? Would you or would you not go into your pocket to haul freight and deliver it for the betterment of the country? I certainly will. I’ve taken a few weeks off, and we’re going to see where it’s going to go. And I’ve got 40 or $50,000 stocked over here. And that don’t count. No tangible assets. That’s just cash. If I have to go into my pocket and haul medical supplies or food or anything else and not get $1 again out of it, I will do it. I will go into my pocket and do it. And as an American… No, as a person from any country, if you cannot do that in your country, then you are… You’re slag on the…

Your country needs you and you do not step forward at your own volition and your own dime, then you are the scum of the Earth. Just totally the scum of the Earth. This is an emergency situation and getting financial gain out of an emergency situation is very sad. Just very sad. Now, I hate to be doing a video like this because I do have things that I want to do in my future, and I’d like to see my channel go to a specific way, but if I can reach five people, just five people who go, “You know what? TRC is right.” Then that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter where the channel goes, doesn’t matter where anything goes, because right is right and wrong is wrong.

If you are a soldier on the frontline of life, you give up your life. You don’t sit around going, “Oh, I’m scared.” Or whatever. Yes, you’re scared for your family. I can understand that. I can. But pre planning for your family should have started at day one. If you’re not… I hate to say this. I’ve got to say it. Truck drivers are the dumbest sons of bitches anywhere. Anyone can come up with the money to buy a truck. So they do. Let me give you an example. This really pissed me off and this guy, I’m sure he’s a nice guy. Okay, but he doesn’t know any better. Truckers know no better. He says, “I wouldn’t bother getting an SBA loan. Once you get it, you are under the control and can come in part of it.” Come in part of it? “Your company in stocks. OOIDA is a big union. This is dirty.”

All right. Let me explain something. The AMA works for big trucking. OOIDA is here to help you. They have been here to help you as long as I have been a truck driver. OOIDA has been an organization for a good 10 years longer. I support OOIDA. I’ve been a member, excuse me, my whole life. it’s kind of like working with the NRA. I don’t always like the NRA because I don’t believe in any kind of gun registration, but I still support the NRA because it’s a matter of politics and sometimes you have to bend to get. Now, let me explain a little something about this SBA loan. I don’t believe in bailing out anyone. Not any damn one. I believe everyone should sink or swim on their merits just like your race or anything else. It’s all about your merits.

But in this situation, I hate to say this, this country could come to a end under this situation if something isn’t done. President Trump, who I did not vote for, I didn’t vote… This is the first election I did not vote in, but president Trump has done a wonderful thing with this thing. He is trying to help you, because when this debacle, when this catastrophe, when this disaster is over, owner operators, if you don’t have 40, 50, 60, $70,000 set aside to survive a problem like this, there will be no owner operators left. There will be big companies that receive bailouts, because believe me, those companies have already filled their paperwork out and if you haven’t filled out your SBA paperwork, there’s a really good chance… Even if you are a lease driver, guys, you still matter. Fill out your SBA paperwork because what is going to feed you during this time when all of a sudden, when the freight dries up?

Now don’t go running your mouth and tell and say anything about… Like you did on all of my videos about recession, about, “Oh, recession ain’t going to happen.” If you think that recession ain’t going to happen, if you think that bad things is not going to happen, the end of the world scenarios or whatever is not going to happen, then you’re full, because these things do happen. They may or may not happen in your lifetime, but problems do come eventually. You are now living in the lifetime of 1929 okay? You still may not see that, but you are. A deep depression is coming. We might bounce back from it in a year, but how are you going to survive that year? That’s my point to you. If you think that your trucking company… You’re at some company and you are leasing a truck. If you think that your company has any value, I’m sorry, you have zero value. Now, let me give you an example.

When I was running… I’ll just back it up. I will back it up 10 years when I had X amount of trucks and my value was at $5 million. Someone wanted to buy my stuff for $5 million. You know what? The government don’t care about that $5 million. If you need a bailout and you’re worth $5 million, the government’s not going to attach to your stock options. I have bought stock in so many companies, and when I say stock, I mean startups stock. There’s a whole big difference between startup stock and NASDAQ stock. Your company’s worth nothing. If you got 40 trucks and you’re running… You’re not on the NASDAQ, guys. You’re not worth anything. You’re worth something to you and maybe to someone else that may want to buy into your company. Not pre planning for your family, get to it and get to work.


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