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  1. I am the daughter of truckers. My dad(step) Larry Grantham and my mom Barbara Grantham of L&B Trucking drove for 20+ yrs together long haul cross country, with my dad having 20+ yes prior to teaming. My dad passed this past October but if he was still with us, he’d be trying to help everyone, and talking your ear off in his friendly, class clown, endearing way he had. People remembered him.
    My mom wanted to do something for truckers as restaurants are closed at truck stops and drivers don’t know til they get there and other stops that have a place they can even walk into, are full. There’s no communication lines that have like a current status of if full or if the stops food courts are open.
    When my mom learned she MIGHT get stimulous check, she concocted a plan to do something for our drivers. She set about making food goodie bags that turned into containers that had cereal, tuna, don’t Moore stews and chili/crackers, Cheese, peanut butter, granola bars, applesauce, breakfast fruit snacks, fruit cup, popcorn, chips, raisons water,Sunny delight or juice, and made hygene kits with razors, toothbrush, paste, wipeys, soap, and a lollypop. She even put out bags of dog food tied up with a waste bag in bow.
    We set out to give these to driver’s at the Petro truck stop in Las Vegas by the speedway on Hollywood. Our first giveaway was on April 11. And our second was yesterday. As still have 40 containers to give out, we are going back tonight. I pitched in but my mom covered basically the entire cost of doing this and called it Driver2Driver WE CARE! Thank You event. I’m enclosing some pics if possible but if not check out link on Facebook under Driver2Driver Las Vegas Petro.
    With my dad passing and spending so much time together in the cab of a semi with 4 dogs, when your partner is gone it’s a life change and my mom became trucker thru and thru. It was so nice to see her in her element talking routes, truck, weather, stops, etc and laughing. Worth everything as I was one to make signs, set up tear down, call local paper, put signs up etc. I just thought that she deserve a special salute as from what we heard, only one other small town did anything like this for truckers. Without our drivers and the thousands of miles and hundreds of hours away from home and families, esp during this time, there would be no gas delivered, goods in our stores, items in our home pantrys or supplies to our first responders. Truckers are the lifeline that supplies all of us with being able to walk in store and get items cuz they are there. Without our drivers, who go days and hours on lonely stretches.of freeway, some unsafe conditions, braving weather and possible contamination of this covid19, to be the lifeline to all of us.


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