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i crash 1

I-80 pileup involves up to 140 vehicles. Warning disturbing video.

This crash occurred early the evening of March 1, 2020, on I-80 between Rawlins and Wamsutter, Wyoming. Three people were killed Linda Flores posted this...

The Trucker News Channel Episode #036

In this episode we cover...- Conceal & carry laws for truckers.- Trucker taken hostage.- Box truck ends high speed chase.- Man catches ride on...

Don’t brake check a trucker, they have friends!

A driver tries to brake check a semi on a crowded highway and ends up meeting a couple of his fellow trucker friends.  Watch...

Turn your speakers up for this one…great job driver!

This could have been so much worse.  She did a good job avoiding all the obstacles.

The Trucker News Channel Episode #039

In this episode we cover...- Trucker is up a creek without a paddle- Footage of crazy 40 car pileup- Chapter 11 for a major...

What would be the right thing to do?

Let us know what you would do in the comments section.

Takes “playing with trucks” to a whole new level!

These radio controlled models are crazy realistic.

Man in wheelchair catches ride behind semi

We are not quite sure what to say after watching this one!
sddefault 2

The Trucker News Channel — Whose lane is it anyway?

In this episode, we cover: A Swedish manufacturer is making its autonomous, electric transport vehicles available globally, lane markings in Utah leave drivers wondering,...

The Trucker News Channel — Tiny Trucker

In this episode, we cover drivers battling 90 mph wind gusts in California and an autonomous convoy traveled nearly 300 miles through Pennsylvania, Ohio...

The Trucker News Channel Episode #032

In this edition we cover... - Love's dog parks. - Trucker saves two dogs - Free flu shots for truckers

Friday Fun – He’s back. The Semi Funny Comedian returns

VIDEO: Friday Fun - He's back. The Semi Funny Comedian returns

Police escort runaway semi all the way to the ramp

This obviously did not happen in the United States, but it is still one crazy video. Looks like the driver made it out ok.

That is some strong wind!

Hamilton Skyway Bridge.
screen shot from The Trucker News Channel

The Trucker News Channel – Big Rig on Patrol

In this episode, we cover big-rig cops on patrol in Florida and a tractor-trailer nearly crashed into a Pennsylvania high school. Plus, Sandia labs...

The Trucker News Channel Episode #037

In this episode we cover...- Driver pay needs to be $100k to make impact.- Trucker with a machete closes highway.- Two time offender gets...

How’d that happen? Truck lands on house

Not quite sure how this thing actually happened, but you can see the truck jump up there right before your eyes!Leave us your thoughts...

Friday fun – How to be a super trucker

Just know...y'all are appreciated!